Baguio City: Arca's Yard and Ililikha Artist Village

Since I have relatives in Baguio city, I guess I am able to visit most of the tourist spots in the area. Every time I go back there for a visit, I look for other places mostly cafes to try out for a change. That time we visited during the month of August last year, my aunt suggested that we try out Arca's yard cafe in Ambuklao road which they described as a cafe with a really good view.

Upon arrival at the cafe, first thing you will notice are the ethnic paintings on their walls. The main theme of the cafe focuses on the cordillera arts and sculptures which I really admire for it shows that the owners are really proud of their origin.

So I ordered this carrot cake which I did not really enjoy and something new in my ears, the cloud tea which I actually enjoyed. Honestly, we did not enjoy their pastries and the only thing we appreciated were their fries with cheese dip.

But I think my cousin Khalil did enjoy his strawberry milkshake, being able to smile like this.

and then I tried my portrait photography skills on Ate Kathleen :)

We just decided to around the cafe and take pictures. Unfortunately it was really foggy that time so we were not able to really see the view that they were proud about.

Day 2

Before going back to Manila, Ate kathleen and I visited Ililikha artist village for lunch. We tried this one store selling burgers. Surprisingly, their burgers tasted so good considering their affordable price. This one became my favorite eat out place in Baguio City.

I totally love the artistic vibe of the place. Their floor mosaics are so lovely and colorful. Those who want to try brrgrr, just visit Ililikha Artist village located in assumption road. It's within a school zone I think since I noticed that it is mostly frequented by students and just a short walk from session road.

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