Anvaya Cove

Last year during the month of August, I was invited by my former officemates in Comelec to join their team building in Bataan. They told me that they were going to Anvaya cove and knowing that it is a "member only" luxury resort, I decided to join them.

When we arrived at the resort, we immediately proceeded to their restaurant for a buffet lunch. Having a view of the resort, I can say that this one is really high class but as for the food, I'm not really a fan. We also have a very cute company that trip, Sir Peng brought her daughter Penny and we fell in love with her cuteness.

After lunch,  we checked in on our rooms and decided to take pictures again before deciding on which activity we will be doing that afternoon. Since the resort is really vast, so there are trolleys that you can ride to go to your rooms.

Then we all decided to go for snorkeling that afternoon we changed into our swim clothes and headed to the dock area where we will be riding the resort's speedboat. Well the speedboat ride itself was already exciting since the boatman made it that way. The first time he really tilted the speedboat on one side, we were so surprised that we all screamed then it became enjoyable afterwards. Maybe because we just got used to it.

Next we went swimming while some opted to play beach volleyball. We waited until sunset before changing our clothes for dinner.

We had an early night so that we can wake up early the next day. Some opted to go for a banana boat ride while some of us just decided to relax and take more pictures around the resort.

Though the beach area is not that outstanding, Anvaya cove made the interior and exterior of their resort compensate on that matter. They made their facilities and pool area their strongest points. Still it was a really fun two day trip. What made it really enjoyable were the fun people I was with.

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