Calinawan Cave, Tanay Rizal

When I worked with RDC before, we held the annual team building activity in Tanay Adventure Camp. It was a one day activity wherein the employees where divided into groups, competing with each other in finishing an obstacle course. The venue also offers other activities like zip line, wall climbing and swimming. 

After we were done with most activities, all were given a choice for a side trip, others chose the Daranak
falls while I opted to try and explore Calinawan cave. Ready and excited for the spelunking, I also brought my own flashlight.

The entrance of the Calinawan cave looks too small and deep that's why I was hesitant at first to enter but then as you go down a bit of steep steps, the inside of the cave is surprisingly wide and naturally lit up by sunlight.

Calinawan cave has been a favorite shooting spot and was shown in several local movies due to the fact that it is just near manila. The community earned more income because of this but unfortunately, it also brought damages on the cave.

Listening to our tour guide, this cave system is said to be connected somewhere in Montalban and was used as a hideout of Filipino revolutionaries before. It's just that no one has been able to really explore the whole cave system.  Later on, the guide led us into the deeper and darker part of the cave.

The glittery part on the picture above are real stalactites so we were advised not to touch it. There's also this part of the cave where in we need to bend lower to be able to pass through. 

It was just a short exploration and I think we only did the first and second layer of the cave. I find the spelunking too easy maybe because I kind of compared it to my first one in Ugong rock adventure where we even need to use a harness on some parts. Nevertheless, it was fun since Hazel and Mimie were also with me.


If you're looking for a short, challenging and fun day tour, you should consider the town of Tanay for there are still many spots waiting to be discovered. Be one with nature!

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