A Cold Christmas

Christmas season is my most favorite holiday of all time. You can even sense the happiness of the people around you when the month of December is near. Christmas songs are being played in almost every malls, many sales ongoing, the christmas decors and the lights in almost every corner. You can feel the excitement of everyone especially the kids and of course, it is also a time for family reunions.

This December is supposed to be our every 2 year family reunion but due to Kuya Khristian's upcoming wedding this march 2017, our elders decided to move it to save airfare costs of our several relatives. I said that I literally had a cold Christmas this year because my parents finally decided to accept my aunt's invitation for us to celebrate it this year with them in Baguio City.

When I was still young, I am excited for Christmas meant gifts and food but now as I aged, I realized the we should always remember the real essence of Christmas, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the greatest gift we ever received in our lives. Though for this blog entry, I will be sharing about the food that we prepared together as a family.

Since I am already an adult, I am now obligated to help in preparing and cooking the food that we will serve for our Noche Buena. My contribution is my favorite and the easy to prepare No-bake cheesecake. Well, I tried to buy canned blueberries for the toppings but then it was out of stock in the near grocery store so my aunt suggested that we just use vanilla cream cookies as toppings.

We tried not be conventional this year so my aunt tried a new recipe she found on youtube and cooked a Crispy Lechon Belly for noche buena. Also instead of the usual Lasagna, we baked Zucchini lasagna. The lasagna pasta was replaced by zucchini, a type of vegetable that is almost potato liked when baked but as it really is a vegetable, it is non-carbohydrate. We also had our tried and tested family recipe of Chicken croquettes and my aunt's to-die-for choco chip carrot cupcakes.

As it was also cold that night, my uncle lit up the fireplace and we prepared graham crackers, marshmallows and hershey's chocolate for smores!

As I am about to end writing this post, I then realized that it was actually a "Warm" christmas instead for I got to spend it with my parents, and my aunts and 2 cousins. Christmas season is really for the celebration of our faith, love and family.

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