Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales

I am an advocate of traveling the Philippine tourist spots first before going out of the country. So if you will notice, I haven't taken a trip again abroad for now, I am more interested to explore our Philippine beaches first. When I visited Bantayan Island before, that's the time I realized how beautiful our country is and with that, I would to share my travels through this blog so that my fellow Filipinos will see and be proud of our own country.

Before I started working for Riverbanks, Liza who is a former Bonchon workmate and I went to a trip to San Antonio Zambales. We took a victory liner bus trip from Cubao bound to Iba, Zambales and asked to be dropped off at the town of San Antonio. Upon arrival at their town proper, we still had to ride a tricycle that will take us to Canoe beach resort, where we booked an overnight stay.

We were blessed with a sunny weather that day, the warm sunlight reflecting on the blue waters of Pundaquit beach. Not minding the scorching hot sun, Liza and I decided to start taking pictures for the beauty of the beach really surprised us. From the shore, the islands of Camara and Capones is within eyesight. 

After lunch at the resort's only restaurant, we checked in our room and decided to take a nap first for it was too hot to take a swim that time. At about 3:30 in the afternoon, we changed into our swimming clothes and decided to take a dip on the waters of pundaquit beach. The waves are too strong to swim with which I'm not surprised for San Antonio is also considered a surfing spot same with the town of San Narciso. Liza and I just decided to stroll around the area, take more pictures and wait for the sunset. It's a good thing that I brought my tripod. To be honest, I am surprised to find that Pundaquit beach is also a mesmerizing site for Landscape photography, the beauty of the ocean and the Mt. Pundaquit is enchanting.

Pundaquit beach is very laidback and perfect for beach bumming. The sunset view there is also amazing specifically since it's almost like the sun is going down between the two small islands. In my next blog post, I will be sharing our next day adventure, the island hopping on Camara and Capones Islands. 

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