Camara and Capones Islands

We had an early morning boat trip arranged by the resort. We preferred the morning for we heard that the waves get rough during the afternoon and also we have to go back to Manila as well on that day. Our quick island hopping started at about 6 in the morning. Since there are only the two of us, the boat we rented is small one and I was a bit hesitant getting in it at first. You see, I don't know to swim but I love the ocean. Yeah a bit contradicting I know. I even told Liza that it is my first time to ride a boat that small. Well, the boat I rode in the underground river in Puerto Princesa can be considered smaller but then this time here in Pundaquit, it's an open sea (West Philippine sea).

As soon as I we started sailing, the waves were nerve wrecking which we were not expecting since it was still early morning that time. Though after awhile, the sea got calmer and I guess we also got used to the boat ride. Our first stop was the twin islands of Camara. It was said to be twin because there's a smaller one connected to the main one via a short sand bar. Though we didn't get to reach that area because the water is still on high tide that time so we did not want to risk it. The rock formations is very pretty though it gave a bit of rustic feeling to me. We also waited for the sunrise there in the island, sitting comfortably on some of the bigger rocks.

We did not stay too long in Camara Island and our boatman also said that it's better to take a swim in the next island, Capones Island. The sea was calm again when we sailed on our way to Capones. To be honest, I prefer Capones than Camara. The sand area is wider, white sand though not super fine but the water there is really clear and much suitable for swimming. Talking with our boatman, we found out that Capones and also Camara are actually favorite shooting spots for movies, tv series and even commercials. Our boatman also told us that just last end of December, somebody died while on their way climbing up to the Capones lighthouse. The tourist from Manila got crushed by a big rock almost the size of the boat we rode that day. It was a very unfortunate accident so we thought that it's a good thing that we did not try to go to the Capones lighthouse that day. This is also considering that there are only 2 of us, both girls and just one boatman to accompany us. We stayed longer in that island and enjoyed swimming in the clear waters talking about random things.

Come Lunch time, we bid our goodbyes to Pundaquit and the town of San Antonio. Hopefully next time we will have enough time to visit Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove. All I can say is that there are lots of beautiful places in the province of Zambales, just waiting to be discovered.

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