Forget me not Cafe in Lilac St.

So one night in November, my highschool friend Sheryl and I decided to have some sweets at Forget me not cafe. This is my first time visiting their new store (they relocated within the same street). The new store is on the ground floor of a 3-story building in lilac st. and it looks definitely better than their old store.

The new interior looks very nice so we can't resist taking pictures of their designs. They also have bigger space now, a good news for regular patrons who would like to bring a bigger set of friends. After admiring their new store, we then decided to order some cakes and drinks. Sheryl ordered the marshmallow cake while I ordered a slice of Dome Cake. Both cakes were actually good and I also liked their iced mocha drink.

We left the cafe at about past 9 pm and we passed by near the Sports Center then we saw this all lit up.
Festive Season is definitely near.

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