December in Baguio City

I resigned from BonChon last november and so I was on a job hunting mode. I had an interview for an HR position in Wilcon builders one friday and after that, I immediately decided to visit my relatives in Baguio. The next day, I just found myself traveling in a bus alone on my way to Baguio city. Well who can blame, I was actually nursing a bit of a broken heart that time.

I was also happy to see my two younger cousins and my aunt. Sunday, we all went to visit the site where they shot the scenes of the TV drama Forevermore, yes it's the now famous La Presa. This area is almost at the top of the mountains so there are times that it can be very foggy. But then I really like the view of the green mountains partnered with the cold weather, it was just comforting.

Here's a picture with my youngest cousin Khalil :)

After that, we decided to have some snacks at the Cafe in the sky. Just look at the fog in most of our pictures!

We then proceeded to the Christmas Village in Camp John Hay. I was really excited to experience the fake snow which turned out to be bubbles. But it was fun and the christmas designs in the area were made from recycled materials. But most of all, I was experienced for my first time fake snow experience lol.

And then came the fake snow, which turned out to be bubbles! But then we got so caught up with excitement, both adults and kids alike.

And then the night came.

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