Bengal Brew : Cat Cafe

One saturday afternoon, I asked my former office mates from comelec to accompany me to this new cat cafe in Cubao. We didn't have a hard time looking for it since I'm very familiar with the cubao area.

Upon arriving at the cafe, we availed the 350 pesos per person, with your choice of one drink and one food including an hour stay inside the cafe. Before entering the cafe area where the cats are staying, you have to wash your hands and change your shoes into the slippers they provided. We were so excited to see and play with the Bengal cats. I like the interior of the cafe and also the food were served with containers so as to prevent contamination of the food. This is a better idea compared to the other cat cafe we visited before.

As for the food, we tried the Bengal frappe and different pastas. For the bengal frappe, I can't explain the taste but I think they put some liqueur on it for flavoring. The pastas were okay but I was craving for blueberry cheesecake so I also ordered one.

The cafe staff will also provide you some cat food and plastic gloves so that you can feed the cats, which
was kind of a fun . They are also not strict to the one hour supposed stay inside the cafe, the staff even let us stay there for about 3 hours since the cafe was not crowded that time.

For overall impression, I love the cafe and the cats no doubt. The staff were also nice and accommodating and also the cafe interior is very relaxing. I really would prefer Bengal brew than the other cat cafes now in Metro Manila. Cat Lovers! go and try this one :)


Bengal brew
Ground floor
Manhattan Parkview
Cubao, Q.C

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