Caffera : a photography themed cafe

I've always heard about Maginhawa street being a haven for foodies like me but I never got the chance to visit it. So one saturday after work, I meet up with my friend Moneth and we decided to visit this photography themed cafe called "Caffera".

Caffera is actually a really small cafe that's why we had to wait for us to get chairs inside. We wanted to stay inside for us to feel the theme. Even though the cafe is small, the interior of it is really nice and it did stick to its theme. What I like the most is the very inventive usage of these camera lens caps as lights inside the cafe. As for the food and drinks, I like their frappes for they are not too sweet though I'm not a fan of their cupcakes. But the camera on top was really cute.

Caffera is really one photogenic cafe but I don't think I'll be visiting  again anytime soon. For the fact that the space is too small, well I'm not really fond of waiting. Also Maginhawa st. is not that accessible from my home or even from my work. But it's really cute inside and you can even post up your own notes just like what we did. Hopefully they will make the space of the cafe bigger in the future. 

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