Bolinao, Pangasinan

Last August 29-31, 2015 was a long weekend so my former office mate / friend Moneth and I decided on a random trip to the town of Bolinao. We left that Saturday morning and took the 6:30 am direct bus trip of Victory Liner cubao (459php / one way). It was a really long trip and we felt like we passed all the towns of Pangasinan which turned out to be partly true since we found out upon arrival that Bolinao is like the last town.

We arrived at the town proper at about 2 in the afternoon and we still had to ride a tricycle to the resort which took about 15 to 20 minutes of travel. We had a room booked at SCL garden resort in Brgy Ilog Malino. It is actually a beach front resort though the beach there is not that suitable for swimming for it is always on low tide though the view is mesmerizing especially during sunsets. Since Moneth and I were both tired, we just decided to stay at the resort and to just leave the Bolinao tour for tomorrow so that we can have an early start. We explored the resort and the nearby beach, while taking lots of pictures but then we kept on thinking and missing our friend Rachelle, who is currently working now in Paris.

We had an arranged tricycle tour the next day so we left the resort at about 8 in the morning. Our first stop was the Bolinao falls. Imagine our surprise when we found out that it is the farthest tourist spot in town and also the road is really rough. Fortunately, the falls was really beautiful so it was worth it.

Our tricycle driver / tour guide told us that was Bolinao falls 1, very pretty I may add but no one was swimming that time because this one is much deeper than the other falls. So then we proceeded to Bolinao falls 2 where most people are staying.

After that, we went to rock view garden resort and we were totally amazed of the beauty of the rocks and the view. That's the time I fell in love with the town of Bolinao :)

Next is the Bolinao Light house. It doesn't seem that creepy compare to the light house we have been to in Ilocos norte before. Here is the view that you will see there.

After that, we proceeded to the famous patar beach where we decided to have lunch first before swimming.
Moneth and I were like excited kids who ran to the sea water as soon as we were done with photo taking :)

I enjoyed swimming in Patar beach and I love the color of the sand. It is not really white but more of brownish and with the right bounce of sunlight, it seems almost golden. I guess it's more prettier during sunsets but then we decided to go back early to the resort so that we can rest.

Bolinao is really one beautiful town. Very laid back and the people are also friendly. We are thankful that even though it was supposed to be a rainy season that time, our trip was blessed with a wonderful, sunny weather. My friend Moneth and I really had fun , well we do know how to have fun even though there's only the two of us during the trip. Hope we can go back there in Bolinao but I heard that it gets too crowded during the summer season.

Budget per person:

Bus ride (cubao- bolinao 2 way) - 918
Tricycle ride (divided by 2) - 75
Accommodation (2 nights divided by 2) - 1,500
Tricycle bolinao tour- (1,000 /2) -500
Food- 400
Entrance fees- 120 per person

Total = 3,513 Php

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