San Narciso, Zambales

Well I promised my college best friend Giselle that we will go on a trip and relax after she rendered her 4 months notice from her job. I suggested an overnight camping in Crystal beach resort in San Narciso, Zambales and she agreed. My cousin Ate Kathleen also wanted to go with us so the 2 became 3. Actually the original plan is we were supposed to be at least 4 or 5 but some people weren't able to make it.

Giselle slept the night before our trip here at our house since we're much nearer in Cubao. The next day, we left the house and went to Victory Liner at about past 4 in the morning so we were able to take the 5am bus trip to Iba, Zambales. The bus ride from Cubao to the town of San Narciso  took about 4 and a half hours with 2 stops in between. Upon arriving at the town of San Narciso, we rode a tricycle to the resort which costs about 15 pesos per person. We proceeded to the reception area, checked in and the staff set up our tent at the campsite. The rent for tent (with mats, blankets and pillows) costs 395 per person per night.

We then decided to change into our swimming clothes, take pictures around the area before having lunch at the King Solomon's hall.

After lunch, we proceeded to the beach area and the two started swimming. Well, I'm not yet allowed to swim :( so I just enjoyed the scenery and the chill music playing from the beach bar .

At about past 4 in the afternoon, we stayed at the beach bar and ordered some fruit shakes. I ordered a Mango shake for they said that they have good mangoes there in Zambales :) Then we saw some resort staff setting up a big screened television beside the bar so we asked them, they said they will be playing a movie by the beach at 6:30 pm. We decided to take a shower first and have dinner at the beach bar so that we can also watch the movie. We were back at the beach bar just in time for the sunset. Unfortunately, we didn't have the best view for it was cloudy that day.

After dinner, we went to the reception area and ask the staff to set the bonfire we requested earlier for a fee of 200 pesos. They set it up at about 8:30 in the evening so we brought our smores ingredients. The barbecue sticks we brought were a bit short so we improvised and taped a few sticks together to make it longer. Fortunately, Giselle brought a roll of tape and a pair of scissors. Roasting those marshmallows was a challenge but it was fun and we enjoyed eating the smores we made. We waited for the fire to be put out on its own before we slept at our tent.

The next morning, we woke up early again and had breakfast. We decided to kill time by hanging out at the beachfront and just relax. We packed up our things after lunch where I ordered another Mango shake ;) then left the resort at about 12 nn. We waited for a bus that has a route directly to Cubao but it took us a long time to wait so we then decided to just take an ordinary bus to Olongapo and take another bus to Cubao.

I really like the light gray sand of the beach in San Narciso. It is beautiful on its own as well as the blue water. The resort staff of Crystal beach are really nice and accommodating. We are highly considering staying there again.

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