Isla Reta in Talicud Island, Samal

Just after the Holy week of this year, I had a scheduled trip to Davao City. It wasn't the first time for me to take a plane ride alone but since I had an operation last January, so I was a bit worried. My aunt told me to bring just few clothes since I am still advised not to lift too much heavy things. So I had to check in my luggage which to my surprise only weighed 3.5 kilos :D

Anyway as soon as I arrived in Davao city, Tita Orett fetched me at the airport along with my other 2 aunts and uncle. My first two days, I just went around and explored the city. On Tuesday, we had to leave the house early to take a boat ride for our overnight stay in Isla Reta. The boat ride took about 45 minutes to an hour. Upon arriving at the island, I was mesmerized with the view of the clear blue sea water and unspoiled beach. It was like a paradise.

We spent most of our day at one of the picnic tables beside the beach, talking with my company and eating! We brought lots of food. I can't swim yet because of my surgical incision so I had no choice but just to chill on the sand, basking on the beautiful sea view. Imagine the temptation I had to go through of going to the water that time. As consolation, I just took lots of pictures with the beach as background.

When night time came, we sat by the sand on the beach and watched the moon rise. That time was like a dream come true for me, seeing the reflection of the moonlight on the water.

We booked a native room for the night. The accommodation in Isla Reta is very basic. If you want to have your own private T&B, book for the concrete room. The next morning, we decided to wake up really early to be able to see the sunrise.

We had to leave early for my aunt have a business meeting in Davao city that afternoon so we took the earliest boat leaving the resort. Last glance at the place before leaving :)

Just look at color of the water where the boat was docked while waiting for other passengers.

For a taste of unspoiled nature, try to visit Isla Reta when you happen to travel in Davao City. One of the accessible beaches from the city. 


  1. hi planning to visit isla reta by feb . overnyt din sana pero uuwi rin knbukasan. ano po ba oras early boat pauwi ng davao from isla? thanks