Miao Cat Cafe : A Cat cafe within Metro Manila

Well, I really love cats. Not just because I can relate it to my name. I just find them so irresistible and cute especially the fat ones. When I was still working in Intramuros, I am a patron of the Starbucks branch nearby and there is a fat orange cat who is like a resident of that area. Most of the Starbucks customers plays and rubs the cat so I was always left thinking if the cat got fat because of too much frappuccinos and pastries.:D

So one day while I was hanging out with my cousin, we suddenly saw a post of miao cat cafe on her facebook timeline and we decided that, we should visit it. So there, I booked a reservation for one friday afternoon. It was a bit hard finding the place, we relied on the directions posted online saying that they are along congressional ave. and that the cafe landmark is the cake2go downstairs. Luckily, my cousin is good with directions.

We arrived at the cafe 15 minutes early before our reserved time. Our reservation is for 2pm so we had to wait a bit at the small waiting area while they were cleaning the place. Before entering the cafe, you need to read the rules, sign the waiver, change into slippers which they provided and sanitize your hands. Understandable for we are all concerned with the welfare of the cats. My heart jolted with excitement as soon as I saw the adorable cats around the cafe. First we ordered some food, which was included in the 300 pesos entrance fee as well as one drink. My cousin and I decided to eat first and play with the cats later.

Actually it was bit hard dining for you do need to watch your food. You have lots of cute food snatchers around the area so the advice of the people working in the cafe, take turns in eating. Sensible advice really.
So after eating, we played and took pictures with the cats. We even got to engage in a short but fun talk with the owner of the cafe and her cute son. It turned out that this cafe was actually a dream of hers. She planned this a long time ago, mainly because her friends and relatives always visits their house and hang out just to see her pet cats. So then she thought of putting up a cat cafe after finding that it is possible as they visited a cat cafe abroad. She and her family didn't expect that people will be really interested in going to their cafe so I told her that the social media is really one powerful free marketing tool. The owner is one fun woman to talk to and she really is a genuine cat lover. She even revealed that she have about 30 plus pet cats.

There are about 12-13 cats around the cafe and they are of different breeds with different temperaments. Some are playful, aggressive and some are just shy and not fond of too much human interaction. Making me realize that even cats have different personalities. Just like you and me. The cats also love to sleep a lot, there was even a cute thing that happened, one cat was already sleeping in a cushion then another cat went on top of him/her to sleep as well. Using the other cat as a cushion too. It was just so cute.

Our reservation lasted for about two hours. Enough time to dine and interact with their adorable cats. So if you are a cat lover, you should try visiting their cafe. I'm pretty sure it will be worth your time. To reserve, you may message them on their facebook page.

Miao Cat Cafe
2nd Flr, # 7 Congressional Ave. Q.C.

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