Milk Cow at Eastwood city

February 14 fell on a saturday so I had post grad classes that day. But my friend Mae and I decided to watch Fifty shades of grey after my class so we meet up at Eastwood city. She bought cinema tickets for the last full show so we ate first and decided to have dessert at Milk Cow.

We were kind of worried that there will be lots of people at the place since that was Valentine's day and we were right. But we were also lucky to have a spotted a vacant table right away after the other group of customers left. So Milk Cow is actually a korean brand of organic ice cream and I think this is their first branch here in the Philippines. Mae decided to try the Milky cube (170 pesos) while I ordered the Macao Dream (170 pesos). The Macao dream have almonds and a piece of french macaroon with a flavor of your choice so I chose the salted caramel macaroon. The ice cream really tastes like pure cow's milk and it is not too sweet. I also love the french macaroon! specifically the salted caramel flavor. We were actually hoping to try the chocolate one but it was already sold out that time.
Dream Macao

Milky cube and Dream Macao

Bailey's and Butter popcorn macaroons

Mae and Me

Milk cow is definitely worth a try! Even their macaroons. I like their macaroons more than TLJ's. By the way they also offer hot coffee, cold or iced beverages and sandwiches. The place is a bit small so it can become easily packed with people especially during weekends but the organic ice cream is totally worth it. 

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