Last day in Comelec

I wasn't able to share it here but last January 6 of this year, I felt unbearable pain on my lower right abdomen radiating to my back side so I wasn't able to go to work. At about 11 am of that same day, my family decided to bring me to the hospital. Since my doctor cousin Kuya Khris was on duty that time, they brought me to the emergency room of Amang Rodriguez medical center. They did lots of tests and ultra sound specifically at the ob gyne clinic but they cleared me so the other doctors thought it was appendicitis. I was immediately brought to the operation room and during the operation, it turned out that I have a cyst in one of my ovaries that might have caused the pain. So they performed two procedures that time, appendectomy and oophorocystectomy. After that, I was told to rest for a month.

So after a month, I came back at work at about second week of February. I really had trouble with commuting to and from work because our office is located in Intramuros Manila which is totally far from our home in Marikina. Also I was advised to take it easy for a few months and not to lift heavy things. I was able to do my other jobs like logging, answering phones etc. but I can't do my filing work which is continuously piling up. I don't want to be a big bother to my office mates and since I was becoming stressed since the working environment in our office haven't been pleasant since last year so my aunts advised me to resign. Anyway, I have savings, no other financial obligations and since I do plan to resign this year from work for I want to start a career in Human resource so I came to the conclusion that yes I do have to resign now. I only have about 1 module left in my post grad studies so I will just focus on that for the mean time while I am resting. I thought about it a lot because I do have a generous salary there but then considering all the experiences I've had, I understood the concept of "Money is not everything" and that it can't bring you happiness or make you stay.

I gave my resignation and was only able to file a week's notice which my boss considered since I underwent a major surgery last month. So the day of my last day of work came, that was wednesday February 18. As soon as I approached my desk, I was surprised! I totally didn't expect to find thank you messages and balloons on the wall. There was even a bouquet of flowers on my desk, a gift and card from Rachelle and a gift from Moneth as well. That was totally unexpected. :) So it turned out that they talked about it outside the door so I wouldn't know.

I was thinking of ordering some food for merienda as a farewell to my office mates so I asked Rachelle. She was a bit hesitant but she had no choice so she admitted that they have another surprise lol. They already ordered food for merienda for all of us. After everything, I was still touched :)

Take note of the dedication hehehehe

farewell picture with Boss

Meet Annie..Moneth gave her to me

Thank you OCCRL for the almost 4 years of having me. There were lots of good and not so good experiences as well but I don't regret working there. I actually learned a lot, mainly about people, life and also lots of realizations about myself. I can say that I grew and matured as a person there which hopefully everyone else did too. But the good memories are also here to stay in my heart :) Thank you Boss for all the opportunity and I was even able to study while working there. They supported my studies by understanding that I can't go for the rotational over time during saturdays because of grad school so I'm really thankful for that

I'm hoping that in my next job, I will be able to start my career in the Human resource field. I will welcome all the challenges and I'm totally willing to start at the the bottom. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous but excited as well for I do not know what the future will bring. But then that's the beauty of life, the anticipation and excitement. I feel that this is the right decision and that I am on my way to the right path, of what I want to do in my life. So new world, I can say that I'm ready!

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