Crepeman and Udderly delicious milkshakes

December 20, Brenda and Glenn asked me to go for a food trip in Marikina. These two are my batch mates from UST during college and yes we weren't classmates. Well thanks to twitter and constant food trips with them, we all became very close. If I want to have some adult talk, I can definitely call them :)

So first we had lunch at Mama Chit's for they were craving for some burgers. I forgot to take some photos there lol. After that we decided to go to Lilac Street, which is now a famous food trip area in my home town, Marikina City. Well Glenn wanted some cakes so we checked out the different cafes and pastry shops there then we ended up trying the crepe at Crepeman. They have different kinds of crepes, may it be sweet or just like a sandwich (with hams and stuff) and they offer milkshakes too! We just ordered crepes for Brenda was like really craving for Udderly delicious milkshakes.

and Brenda's most awaited Milkshake :)) 
Udderly delicious is one awesome place. You can make your own milkshake! Choose from soft serve, premium ice cream or frozen yogurt as your base (flavor of your choice) then choose toppings like cheesecakes bits or cookie bits and you can add fruits or liquors too. They also offer waffles, flavored fries and spicy chicken wings.

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