2nd time at Puerto Princesa Palawan

It was last October 15-17, 2014 that I went to visit Puerto princesa again. I am only able to blog now since I'm on leave for the holiday season. So there my friend Mae invited me to go join their travel in Palawan, together with her 2 college friends from PUP.

Day 1

We had an early flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. We arrived at the destination airport at about past 9 in the morning. Mae booked us at Tenzai Pension house and their driver fetch us at the airport and drove us right away to the pension house. It wasn't really a grand accommodation but it was very nice and still new.

Due to our tight schedule, we just dropped our bags at our room, changed to swimming clothes and rode the tricycle right away that will take us to the jump off point of the Honda bay tour. Since it was almost lunch time and they told us that we have to be back at the port by 4 pm, we decided that we will just visit 3 islands. First stop was Cowrie island where we availed of the 200 pesos buffet lunch. After having lunch, we started swimming, not minding the scorching hot sun.

Me and my friend Mae

Next islands were Luli island and starfish island. In Luli island, you can do some snorkeling so make sure to
bring your snorkeling gears. You may also bring some bread so that you can attract the fishes. 

After the island hopping, we went back to the pension house, rested then went out for dinner at Kinabuch.
Then we stayed for awhile at the baywalk and we didn't find anything special there.

Day 2

We woke up early to have breakfast and to prepare ourselves for the Underground river tour. We booked it via an agency so that we can save the trouble of applying for permits etc. Before proceeding at the sabang port, all of us in the van decided to go for a side trip at Ugong rock adventures. It was so tiring and challenging! For you see I'm not an adventurous type of person that's why it was some kind of achievement for me. We also learned a new word "spelunking" and it was spelunking indeed. We had to wear hard hats and hand gloves then climbed up the stones.We had to fit ourselves to pass through really narrow spaces and there was even some point where we have to use harness. But it was so much fun! added the fact that our fellow travelers (from the van) were also fun to be with. Well the 2 friends of Mae are also really funny with their witty comments and stuff. Reaching the top, we rested for awhile and started to head on our way down which turned out to be harder than the way up :D

at one of the stop over before arriving at ugong rock adventure

Photo taking at the top even though we look so tired 

After the ugong rock adventure, we went on our way to Sabang Port where we will take a boat ride to the underground river. But since there were lots of tourists that day, our guide said that we should eat lunch first (included in the package) before going for our turn. 

Us at Sabang Port

after that few minutes boat ride, you will hop off here and take a short trek to the underground river.

Hello underground river! My second time coming there and unfortunately, I still haven't seen the clear water of the river. I always have a bad timing so to see the real beauty of it and the really clear water, visit the place during summer. That's for a higher chance of no rain before coming to see the underground river.

after the super fun tour inside the cave, due to the witty comments of Mae's friends and the guide, we decided to take some more pictures in the area. Walking on the trail on our way back to the boat, an unforgettable thing happened. I saw a monkey yes not surprising for there are plenty of them there in the area, but suddenly one kept on snatching my bag. I can't let go of that bag for my ids, cards and money are there so we had to shout for help. Luckily we are not that far from the river where the boatmen were sitting so they just shouted "shoo"at the monkey and it went away. My heart beat was so fast that time but by the time we got back on our back, we can't help but laugh it off. That was really something.

 We were all tired so we rested for awhile after getting back at the pension house then went to Ka Lui's restaurant for dinner. What I love about this restaurant is that you will go barefoot! another surprising thing happened, we saw the couple we were with earlier during the underground river tour. We greeted them excitedly. I guess when you meet people during travel moments, you feel like there's an immediate invisible bond closeness between you.

We slept early that night. I guess we got too tired because of the spelunking. The next day, we woke up early to go to the church, said a prayer, had a quick souvenir shopping then immediately went back to our accommodation to get our bags. We took an afternoon flight back to Manila. 

It was a fun trip indeed considering that it was my second time in Puerto Princesa. I think it was the company as well that made it so fun. Hoping to go out again soon with these new travel buddies.

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