Tokyo Bubble Tea

Sometime last September, my friend Sheryl, her son Seth and I decided to try dining at Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan Extension. This is a big branch sharing the space with its sister dessert haven "Honeybee Patisserie". I like the exterior and interior design of the bubble tea place. I can describe it as modern but stylish.

look at the ceiling

Let's go check out the food. So we decided to try their Baked Doria Casseroles. Sheryl ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Doria while I tried the Seafood Melt Doria. You see I'm really a big fan of cheese so I was expecting that I will totally love their Doria dishes but unfortunately I didn't. Since I missed eating Takoyaki, we decided to get one order of it. I was expecting more because of the price but I was a bit disappointed with it too. 

Seafood Melt Doria (Php 245)

Takoyaki (Php178)

For the drinks, I decided to try one of their Milo series so I ordered the JCC Milo Milk tea and I totally loved it! It totally made up for my disappointment with their food. JCC means Japanese cheesecake cream. For the dessert, we chose the Mango Cheesecake from the Honeybee Patisserie menu. I like this one for it is not too sweet though I would prefer that they thicken the crust a bit.

JCC Milo Milk tea (Php165)

Mango Cheesecake (Php105/slice)

Overall, I'm not sure if I will try dining at Tokyo Bubble tea again. Maybe their cooking is not just up to my taste. But if I'm craving for some Milk tea, I will definitely consider Tokyo Bubble tea :)

Below are some photos of me, Sheryl and my cute little godchild 

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