High school best friends reunion 2014

To be honest, one of my goal this year is to reconnect with my old friends and I'm happy that I was able to do that. One saturday night after my post grad class, I had this sudden craving for pasta so I sent a text message to my hs friend Sheryl (Mahal) and we decided to meet up that night to have dinner at cafe lidia. I posted pictures on facebook then one of our other best friend, Princess who's working in the United Kingdom commented saying that she's currently here in the Philippines. At first, I thought she was joking but it turned out that she's really here! So I scheduled a meet up right away which unfortunately Amy wasn't able to go to.

One thursday night, about 1st week of november, we decided to try the mongolian buffet in Hi Rice Grill Marcos Highway. We were so happy to see Princess again and we asked a lot of things, inquiring about her experiences of working and living in the UK. Sheryl also brought her son Seth so that Princess can finally meet him. Here are some photos of that night :)

Princess, Seth and Sheryl

Before the month of november ended, the 3 of us were able to meet again and this time we were complete. Sunday night, we all meet up at Araneta center Cubao for dinner at Seafood island. We missed each other so much for the last time we've been complete like this was way back 2008, after we all graduated from college. We did a lot of catching up to fill the gap of those missing years, trying to answer all the curiosities of the were about of each others lives. As for dinner, we decided to try the boodle fight :)

and there we are complete :)

Princess, Me and Sheryl

Me, Princess and Amy

Hello boodle fight!

After dinner and so that we could also talk some more, we decided to have some coffee at the Coffee bean and tea leaf nearby. 

These 3 ladies are really my friends for life. We grew up together, our families know each other and we've seen each other at our worst and at our best. I love my high school best friends so much. Hope we can have more meet up opportunities soon :)

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