CNBLUE Can't Stop Live in Manila 2014

Oh yes!!! my favorite korean rock band came back here in the Philippines for another heart stopping concert. I have been a fan of CNBLUE since the day they debuted in South Korea. What I love the most about this band is their music and their awesome live performances. This Can't Stop concert tour is not like the Blue moon tour where they visited lots of countries since it was considered a world tour. In Can't Stop, they included just a few countries hence me and my fellow Filipino Boices are truly lucky for our country to be included in this tour.

At first I was contemplating on what kind of ticket to buy but in the end, I decided to go for SVIP again. I'm not the type of person who loves going to concert but with CNBLUE, I just can't say no. I went to the ticket pre-selling day so I was able to get a really good seat.

I tried my best not to think too much about the concert so the wait will be bearable for me. I distracted myself which is not hard to do since I'm working and studying at the same time plus social time with friends. Yes, I'm studying again, taking up a post grad diploma related to the career I'm really interested in :)
Anyway so the day of the concert came but unfortunately, there was a storm and the rain was non-stop so lots of areas within Metro Manila were flooded. The organizers had no choice and they can't cancel the event since the artists are already here and the schedule of Cnblue is packed. My heart goes out to the fans who weren't able to make it to the concert :(

I left the house at about 3 in the afternoon. I decided to leave early even though I live in Marikina and the concert venue is just in Cubao but then, the weather is bad so the precautionary measure is to leave the house early. It was a struggle commuting in that kind of weather. It was raining and the wind was unpredictable so deep inside, I was just consoling and telling myself that this is for Yonghwa :D
I stayed first at Cafe Mary Grace, drank coffee and read a book before meeting Dada and Robin. We entered the coliseum at about 7 in the evening.

It was a super fun concert! despite the fact that the crowd was lesser compared to last year but then cnblue are aware of the situation. They had more tagalog lines this time compared to last year's and Minhyuk even said "Salamat sa pagpunta niyo dito kahit may bagyo" which was just too cute and consoling too. I was actually worried about Yonghwa for he seems really tired when they arrived here in country but then during the concert, he was in a hyper performance mode. I think the fact that the audience sings along with him made him really enjoy that night. There was even a time when Jonghyun faced his mic to the audience for us to sing along with them. The most memorable thing for me is the fact that they sang "Sleepless night" which is like a rare thing. That song wasn't included in the past Can't stop set list done in the other countries so I was really surprised. I just love that song :) so thank you CNBLUE so much. You guys are the only band who can make me dance like that LOL. I danced and sang almost the whole night and I had so much fun!! It was truly memorable. Yonghwa also promised that they will come back again. There was also a part where they had a cake onstage and we sang happy birthday to Jungshin. Oh by the way, my seat was on Jonghyun side 3rd row and he was just too handsome. The cute thing is that he always give opportunity poses for the fans to take his picture hehehe. I am thankful that I came that night despite the storm. Hope to see them all again next year :))

Here are some photos I took during the concert. I'll be posting lots so I might post another blog entry for the rest. To those who are interested to know which camera I used, it was a Canon SX280HS :)

You can take my pictures but please don't remove the watermark. Thanks!

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