Ilocos Tour - Day 2 and 3


Kuya Jay, our driver informed us that we will go to Blue Lagoon first before heading to the Falls. I think this is wisest for it's hard to swim at the beach during lunch time on wards for it's too hot in Ilocos. The view of the travel to blue lagoon from our accommodation was mesmerizing. We had breakfast first then took pictures and swam at the stunningly blue waters hence the name "Blue Lagoon". You will see the blue color of the water best at about 11 am on wards due to the position of the sun in the sky :)

The sand was fine so it was scorching hot but the water was cool so you will enjoy swimming there. Just take note that it gets deeper immediately as you get a bit further from the beach so take watch of your kids.

We left the beach at about past 1 in the afternoon then we went to Bantay Abot cave. The way down was a bit rocky so you have to take careful steps.

Then the Patapat viaduct with a very beautiful view of the blue sea and the blue sky :) We wanted to take a photo of us lying on the road but it was impossible for there were too many vehicles passing by that time lol.

Next stop was the Kabigan Falls. Didn't take so much photos for I was busy with trekking lol. It was a tiring trek and I was asking our guide along the way and he said that it will be a 1.5 kilometer trek so times two that's 3 km!! No wonder when I got home people were telling me that I got thinner hehehe. We had dinner near the saud beach and we were so tired so we slept early.


The only spot left for us to visit in the North was the Kapurpurawan rock formation. We saw wind mills near the area again. Good thing we went there during the morning for it will be much hotter in the afternoon. Notice our skin color, we are all dark skinned by day 3! I call that the "Ilocos sun effect" ;)

The last stop before heading back to Manila was Vigan City. My second time walking along the old structures in the Heritage walk.

It was a tiring but super fun trip! I met new wonderful friends who are so crazy and fun to be with. We had fun singing, laughing and chatting inside the van through out the trip back to Manila. Our driver can't help but laugh because of the craziness at the back side of the van hehe. A wonderful second summer 2014 get away for me.

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