Cebu City and Moalboal

Last year, my office mate Moneth and I went to visit the beautiful city of Cebu. It was my first time to go and visit the place :) We arrived in Cebu Mactan International airport at about lunch time so the first place we went to is... The Mactan Shrine! I found through the internet that the Sutukil restaurants can also be found in that area so we had lunch first.


After making our tummies happy, we toured around the area and took some photos. It was really hot that time lol.

Then we decided to get a taxi to bring us to the hotel. I booked us a room at the Diamond Suites, a bit near the Ayala Mall. We rested and had a feel of the room for awhile then left the hotel to visit some other places.

The Cebu Cathedral

We looked around and found a nice lady with her daughter and asked her how to get to the Basilica del Santo Niño Church and surprised to find out that it is within walking distance from the Cathedral. Arriving there, I was hoping to take some pictures but there was a mass going on so I wasn't able to. So we just said our prayers, lit up some candles then walked towards the back of the Basilica where the Magellan's Cross can be found.

Next, we also walked our way to the Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. It was about twilight when we got to go inside the Fort so it was a bit eerie. 

Come dinner time, we meet up with my friend Ate Elvie and had a taste of the Famous Cebu Lechon so she brought us at a Zubuchon Restaurant in Escario. Yes! Their lechon tastes really good^^

The following morning, we woke up early and checked out of the hotel, went to the South Bus Terminal and rode a Ceres bus that will take us to Moalboal. It was a bearable 2 hours journey and upon arriving at Moalboal, we rode a tricyle that will take us to Club Serena Resort. Then it started to rain and since we arrived a bit early, we still had to wait at the restaurant before we can checked in our room. So we ate lunch and when they finally called us, we went to see the Cottage Room and surprisingly we totally loved it!.

We took lots of picture inside the room but I won't post them all. Then we changed into our swim wears and swam at the beach.

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