Park Shin Hye's FM in Manila 2013

March 16, 2013, Star Theater CCP Complex

I opted not to go and join Ate Elvie at Jayne who both watched and supported Shin hye on her show time appearance for I still have to prepare some of the gifts from PSH Philippines. We prepared two paper bag gifts for Shin Hye. One is full of several Philippine souvenir items and while the other contains some Philippine popular food or snacks.

I left our house at exactly 3:30 in the afternoon so I arrived at Star City at about 5 pm. While I was walking towards Star City after getting off the orange jeepney, I heard someone called my name and it turned out to be Jayne with Ate Elvie. They just came straight from Abs-Cbn. So we walked together looking for the location of the Star Theater. In front of the venue, there were already several fans waiting, some were also putting up banners and fans chatting with each other. It seems like this fan meeting also served as an opportunity for all Park Shin Hye Filipino fans to be able to get to know each other :)

At about 6 pm, they started allowing us to get inside the theater. Upon entering, I looked for my seat which was B20 and found it to be too near the stage considering that I already chose the second row. Ate Shirls, Ate Maize and Ate Elvie were seated in front of me while it turned out that the woman seated beside me was Demi Zhu from twitter! I wouldn't have known if Jayne didn't call my attention and informed me. It was so nice to meet Ate Demi in person!. Going back to the FM details, the stage was really beautiful! What made it more beautiful were Shin Hye's photos at both sides LOL.

I think that was before 7 in the evening when they announced that the show will start. The lights went off so we all screamed! lol then the lights went back and Shin Hye was on stage and started singing "Lovely Day" She was wearing this white blouse, short blue skirt and cream colored high heeled shoes. She looked simple but really pretty!. My first reaction when she started singing was "WOW" she did improve her live singing skills!. How did I know whether she was really singing live? Well at some point in the middle of the song, there was a moment that she kinda stopped when she wasn't supposed to and that's when I found out it was really live and not recorded :) After the opening song, the MC and the translator joined her on stage. 

Shin Hye said that she's really happy to be able to meet her Filipino fans this close and that the Philippines is the first stop of her Kiss of Angel Asia Tour. As one of her long time Filipino fans, I can't help but feel touched and honored because of that. Then they seated on the prepared chairs on stage and started to tackle about Shin Hye's previous dramas. The MC called it the "Getting to know Park Shin Hye through her dramas". 

They started with her very first drama "Stairway to heaven" where I also first saw her. She was just so young then but really adorable even at that age. Second shown was Goong S or Prince Hours where she starred with Se7en. The scene where Shin hye's character kissed se7en was shown and we all screamed lol. Shin hye cleared that Se7en wasn't actually her first onscreen kiss and that it happened during her show Cute or crazy. Next shown was Kimchi radish cubed then the famous You're beautiful so everyone cheered :)
I love her reaction and the audience's reactions as well whenever sweet scenes between go mi nam- taekyung or go mi nam- shin woo were shown on screen. She was also asked to choose between the 3 male characters she paired up with and she chose Jeremy's lively vibe. The MC asked her about her ideal man, when a fan shouted Yonghwa she said no and when another shouted Jang Geunsuk she again said no. It turned out that the man she likes should be someone who is sporty, tall and can cook well. She wants someone who is like her father which made me admire her more. She's one sweet daughter <3

Next shown was her drama Heartstrings or You've fallen for me where she starred with Cnblue's Jung Yong Hwa. It was the second time she worked with Yong hwa so she said it was both easy and difficult. At least since they are close friends so they were more comfortable working with each other.

Last shown was her recent drama, Flower boy next door where she played as Go Dok Mi.. She said it was a very interesting character and she felt like she learned a lot and had lots of realizations while portraying that character. 

After that, they showed video of greetings from some of her friends for her 10th year anniversary since debut. First was CNBLUE, then FT Island, Lee Seung Gi and Yoon Shi Yoon. I was laughing at CNBLUE's video greeting because Yong hwa was the only one who talked a lot and he also said "Please support us both" LOL. FT Island particularly Hong Ki was also funny while Lee Seung gi's message was very long but sweet. 

Next portion was where she choose top 3 characters she played: 3rd is her character in Staiway to Heaven, 2nd is Go Mi Nam and 3rd was Go Dok Mi from Flower boy next door. As for the top 3 partners she worked with, she choose Lee Seung gi as 3rd, Jung Yong Hwa as second and Jang Geun Suk as 1st. She also chose top 5 scenes or dialogues from all the dramas she did. After that, Shin hye sang "Pitch black" for us.

Her singing was so heartfelt and touching! Then, she hurriedly went off stage and the lights went off. Moments later, several back up dancers positioned on stage then the stage lights were turned on and then we saw Shin Hye. It was a hot, sexy, cute dance performance! Can't help but admire her. She danced Sistar's Alone, Hyuna's Bubble Pop, Girl's Generation's Genie and Turn me on. To sum up the performance, it was totally Awesome!!! Next was a surprise for all fans. It turned out that Shin Hye will be playing games with several lucky fans. These fans will be chosen by seat numbers which Shin Hye will pick herself. The first one picked was one of the fan boys! He really is lucky even though he didn't won, he still got to hold Shin Hye's fans and hugged her!. Shin Hye also played the hula hoop competing with a fan. She was really good!

Next game was arm wrestling. They picked out several fans and Ate Elvie was also picked! She got to stay at the very end so she was the one who competed with Shin Hye. They were both laughing while doing the arm wrestling :D

Ate elvie won a "Kiss of Angel" tshirt with Shin hye's sign. The fans who got to play with her were so lucky! After that the MC said that the FM has come to an end and Shin Hye thanked all of us and she said that she prepared a very special number for us. Then she sang the Filipino song "Kailan" surprisingly with really good pronunciation considering she's Korean. Everyone was very impressed and the song also suited her sweet melodic voice. 

During the instrumental part of the song, Shin Hye said "Mahal ko kayo" cutely I may say :) After the song she said thank you and good bye. All the lights went off so everyone shouted Encore! then the lights at the back side of the audience seats turned on and Shin Hye came out from that side, she got escorted by security while she walked towards the stage again. She then sang "The day we fell in love" and everyone sang along with her. It was a really fun Fan Meeting and I can say that my Gold ticket was totally worth it!

The Fan Meeting ended at about 9 PM so all in all it was a 2 hour show. Those without Autograph passes were ushered outside the venue while we started lining up to get on stage. We were just a bit disappointed that we weren't allowed to personally hand our gifts to Shin Hye and taking pictures wasn't also allowed. As my turn came, I just stood in front of Shin Hye while she was signing the poster for me. I then said to her that I am an admin of PSH Philippines and the translator translated it in Korean for me. Then Shin Hye looked up to me while saying "Ahh and then she smiled at me sweetly. I then said thank you and we shook hands. Facing her up close, that image is totally instilled in my mind. I won't ever forget that moment for sure. 

After the fan meeting ended, I talked a bit with Ate Elvie, Jayne and Chris outside the Theater while we were all waiting for Shin Hye to go out and ride into the car. When she came out, she stopped for awhile and took a photo with some fans at her back. She seemed totally happy after the Fan Meeting. She tweeted that photo and even said that Philippine fans are the best. After she left, I looked for my father who said that he's already parked in front of the star city waiting for me. And then I said to myself, I am like Shin Hye in a way for we both have protective parents hehe for in Shin Hye's case, both her parents came with her here in the Philippines. I guess we are both lucky :) 

To watch some videos of the Fan Meeting, check out these links:

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