First time seeing Park Shin Hye in person (3/15/2013)

I took a leave of absence from work on the day of Shin Hye's arrival in Manila. But the day before that which was Thursday, I was suffering from a major and unusual headache that even some of my office mates got worried. I even heard Nassy say "Tuwing may something important na pangyayari, bigla daw ako nagkakasakit" which is also a bit true since before I left for my Singapore-Malaysia trip last year, I also got sick. Anyway so I had to get home a bit early while hoping that I will feel better by tomorrow.

As friday morning came, I was feeling a bit better. The headache was also slightly gone but I took some painkillers after breakfast just to be sure. So I went to Cubao Farmer's Plaza first to buy a bouquet of flowers. I bought a ready made one since I lack time but I made sure to choose a really beautiful one. After that I proceeded to the MRT station. There were still lots of passengers even though it was already about 10 am and I was thinking that maybe this is a bad idea after all. The flowers I bought will surely get crushed by all these passengers but since I'm already there so I just told myself to just go with it. 2 Stations after Cubao, luckily I was able to seat down so that made it easier for me to hold the flowers and avoid it from getting crushed. I got off at Magallanes station as advised by my office mates before and from there, I took a taxi to NAIA terminal 2 or Centennial Airport. I arrived at the airport at about 11 am, glad that I was 45 minutes early and there were already some fans waiting there too. The fans there were GeunShin fans so I felt a bit left out. Yes honestly I'm a YongShin fan but that day, I was there as an admin of PSH Philippines so I have to focus just on Shin Hye since this is her day. Glad when later on, some yongshin fans also came and then some fan boys came too! About 11:20, Ate Elvie and Shirls arrived at the airport and I was so happy to see them :) I asked where Ate Maize was and they said that she might be coming late but still she made it on time.

At about 11:45 am, we heard the announcement that Shin Hye's flight was arriving and I felt my heart skipped a bit. I'm just so excited for this will be the first time I will see her in person. At 12 noon as soon as she came out, everybody was cheering and calling her name while I just looked at her with anticipation. I noticed from her facial reaction that she was surprised at first when she heard lots of people calling her name. I think she didn't expect that she will get a warm welcome like that. As the thought sank in, she suddenly smiled brightly and even waved to her fans while she was being interview by some media people. My first impression on seeing Shin Hye is that she's so simple, tall and pretty! She seems nice and charming. Now I know why she gets a lot of cosmetic endorsement deals for her skin is like perfect. She doesn't seem to be wearing make up for you can really see that her skin is like naturally smooth. Then they ushered Shin Hye to the VIP lounge to wait for her service vehicle. I wasn't able to hand to her the flowers so my mind was busy thinking on how I can give it to her later.

I was waiting on the side with Ate Elvie and other fans then we heard the cheers and scream again and saw Shin Hye coming out of the VIP lounge on the way to the car. The security who I talked to earlier said that he will give way for me and he did. As Shin Hye approaches, I stepped a bit forward and called her name handing her the flowers. As soon as she saw me, she reached and pulled the flowers from my hands and said Thank you in a small voice. I was so happy! and that's when I noticed that she's actually really tall in person. She got in the car and was on her way to the hotel. Since I went to the airport alone, Ate shirls said that I should just go with them. We then got on her car and made our way to Diamond Hotel too. It turned out that  they will be checking in for the night so they checked in first and dropped off their overnight bags in the room. After that, we decided to go out and look for some place to eat lunch. But then Ate Shirls said that she thinks she left her phone and camera at the car so she went to the basement while we waited for her at the hotel lobby. Ate Maize, Ate Elvie and I were just standing there at the lobby, talking with each other then Ate elvie suddenly said "Manager Jun, shin hye?" then we saw Shin Hye with her companions about to pass by in front of us. She was wearing the same clothes but her hair was tied and at that moment, the realization came to me that yes she's still really young hehe. She looked like her real age at that time :) It was a very unexpected moment so we were a bit shocked. All I did was say "hi Shin Hye" with a small hand wave while Shin Hye seemed surprised too so she managed to smile when she was already a bit passed us. A few moments later, the 3 of us were all like, why didn't we asked to take a picture with her? LOL We must have totally felt star struck during that moment. Haay such a waste.

Minutes later, Ate Shirls came back and we told her what happened. She was like "Huwag na lang natin pag usapan" LOL. We do understand her. We decided to eat lunch at a Binalot branch nearby and while eating, I checked on twitter and saw that GMA news already uploaded a video of the news about Shin Hye's arrival. So we watched it and I was checking and hoping that I wasn't caught by the camera. I felt relief when it turned out I wasn't hehe Well can you blame me I was on leave that day!. Though Boss won't mind where I've been that day :) After eating lunch, we went back to the hotel and rested for awhile inside their room while watching TV and talking about Sir Chief :D. At 4 pm, we started fixing our selves to prepare for we will be attending the press conference for Shin Hye. We got there at the venue a bit late for the press con already started as we came in. Shin Hye was looking really pretty and slim in her white fitted dress and green high heeled shoes. She answered lots of question from the press people. Some asked about her closeness with Yonghwa again which I understand for lately, they were a hot topic on korean news rumor sites and also considering that her last drama shown here in the Philippines was Heartstrings which gained a lot of attention from young Filipino television viewers. I took pictures during the press con since that's my main purpose there (admin duties) aside from supporting Shin Hye. I think the press conference took about just half an hour and before it ended, Shin Hye stood alone on the stage for the photo op. She really seems comfortable in front of all those cameras. :)

After the press con, I chatted a bit with other fan club admins then Jayne arrived! I was so happy to see her again :) I was waiting for Airi's text message on where we will be meeting for I have to get the tickets from her so I stayed put. After both of us agreed to meet near Sta. lucia mall in Cainta, I bid my good byes to them and went on my way. I arrived at the Q plaza, Mcdonalds at about 8 pm. I waited a bit Airi then she when she came I told her some stories about Shin Hye's arrival. It's just so sad that she cannot attend the FM due to work :( But it was really nice being able to meet Airi after almost a year of knowing her and being co-admins of PSH Phil. After eating dinner, we decided to go home and promised that we will meet again together with Fae.

for a detailed fan account of Shin Hye's arrival in Manila, click the link below

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