Trick Art Museum at Seri Fantasy World

Last August 4 (Saturday), I had a date with my two sbff office mates, Moneth and Rachelle even though it was rainy that day. We went to the trick art museum in seri fantasy world, located at the 2nd floor of Manila Ocean Park. :)

For those who have watched the korean drama "Heartstrings" starring the ever adorable, Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, you will be reminded of their first date scene in a museum. Yup! That's the trick art museum in Seoul Korea. They had fun taking photos there that's why I became very curious about the place. Then to my surprise while searching the internet, I found out that there's also a trick art museum here in Manila! That's why I asked Moneth and Rachelle to go with me so that we can take pictures!

The entrance fee for the trick art museum is 150 pesos per person. The gallery was a bit small than what I expected, the paintings were on the walls and floors, maximizing the small space. When you look at the paintings, they just look ordinary but on the pictures, they look like real 3d paintings! We totally had so much fun taking pictures! The entrance fee was totally worth it!^^

After that, We went to Cubao and had dinner at Rai rai ken ramen house. The ramen was superb!

Batchoy ramen

seafood hotpot

California Maki

That day was so tiring yet so fun! We are planning where we will go next :))

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