Hollywood romance anyone?

Well you see, I've stayed at home for 2 weeks because of a long term kind of disease lol. Anyway, I'm better now just suffering from these hideous scars but I'll survive going to work next week I think. So I've done a lot of reading these past few weeks to kill the boredom and now I decided to share some of my thoughts about those books or ebooks rather.

This is common for most girls, who wouldn't dream of catching the eye of a famous movie star or artist? What more if the guy is hot, handsome and appeared to very nice in person? hehe yeah that's just fantasy I know, kind of a really rare thing to happen but who cares! a girl can dream ;) So now it turned out that I've read a lot of books about this "hollywood-fairtytale love story" so I would like to share them to you, share what I thought about them I mean^^

But before we go into that, I will point out some common factors I've noticed with all these books. Yes, the guys in the story are all famous celebrities or something but the girl leads in these books, most of them are described to be an ordinary type of girl, who doesn't like to be bothered with all these "fame" and paparazzi's. I guess the authors just wanted to let the readers to be able to relate themselves to the girl character right? Another thing, most of the lead girls in the book were a bit skeptical about the real personalities of the famous lead guys. Well this is understandable since they are celebrities and famous? The lead girl characters don't really know them personally yet. Third, most of them got into problems involving "trust issues" and "avoiding the reporters" kind of thing. And lastly, most endings were done with having the girl to discover the guts to pursue the relationship and approaching the lead guy during a premiere night or something. Anyway enough of that, here goes some books in that genre:

How to sleep with a movie star by Kristin Harmel

This one is about Claire Reilly who works in a magazine then she was given the assignment to interview the famous movie star Cole Brannon. They got along  really well and she was surprised to find him really nice. It was totally obvious that Cole liked Claire but she's dismissing the thought and believed all those things the media says about Cole so she thought he lied to her. I was kind of getting impatient with Claire with all these brush offs she's been giving to Cole while he's being too nice and sweet to her but anyway I still liked her character. A lot of things happened and Claire suffered a lot, then she found out that Cole genuinely liked her so she did find a way to tell him that she likes him too and cleared up all the misconceptions because of the article she supposedly wrote about him. I like the ending really, it was happy one of course.

Not in love with Kale Eddison by Joanne McClean

This one is more for younger readers. Izzie Frank have a normal life when suddenly the famous actor Kale Eddison decided to attend her high school. She was the first person Kale met at the school and she was kind of rude at first but later on they became good friends. I just got annoyed with her so called best friend and her jealousy issues since Kale really likes Izzie's company. I mean hello, finding out your best friend is not worth to be your friend since she's the one telling the media some lies about you just totally sucks. Kale was honest about his feelings about Izzie but she doesn't want to go past their friendship stage. But Kale is really sweet, he was always there for Izzie during the saddest time of her life and when she was sick :) I'm glad that in the end, Izzie did forego all the issues she was worried about.

Just the sexiest man alive by Julie James

This is one of my favorites!! I think I've read this one 3 times and I've already done a separate book review for this. Taylor Donovan is a no-nonsense lawyer then she got assigned to coach the dubbed "Sexiest man alive" actor Jason Andrews for his next role in a legal drama or movie. Well Jason blew off their first meeting and that got him on the bad side with Taylor but they got along later on. Jason totally liked Taylor while she's trying hard not to fall for his charms but she failed on that one of course lol. But there came a point that Taylor is still hesitant and Jason got fed up. Still, they fixed all issues while on the red carpet.

The Accidental movie star by Emily Evans

This book is my new favorite! I took time while reading this one as if I'm savoring every moment. Yeah this book totally got me :D Ashley Herrington spent her summer interning as a production assistant in a movie set of one of the movies his father is producing. Then she got to meet the sought after british actor Caspian Thaymore who was also starring in the same movie. Since she was a production assistant, she helps in the set and Caz was always asking for her. I think that was his way of getting Ashley's attention. They were doing fine like friends then came the shoot for the love scene of the female actress lead and Caz. The director wasn't satisfied with the kiss so he randomly told Ashley to teach Caz how to kiss and yes they did lot of practice sessions for that lol. The lead actress got jealous of Ashley then she fed lies to Caz which he totally bought so there came the "trust issue" problem. Hmm I think I will read this one again, I totally enjoyed Ashley and Caz's interactions :)

Starkissed by Brynna Gabrielson

This one got a bit of a twist, there was a bit of love triangle starting in the mid of the story. So Sydney Kane feels a bit out of place because of her totally attractive blonde sisters. She feels like most people in her neighborhood knows her sisters because of their beauty or talent while she feels totally unknown. Then came  her vacation in New York where one of her sisters is working and currently living. In a restaurant she bumped into a really cute guy and they talked and while he escorted her to the cab, there were paparazzi's around and he just kissed her! It turned out the guy is the famous actor Grant West and their pictures got posted online so bam! came a total new interest and popularity for her which she hated because it disrupted her normal life. That wasn't the end of it of course, Grant tried to apologize to her and they started dating. Hmm I won't tell about the love triangle part so just read it :) So Ashley got confused while Grant got hurt but everything worked out fine in the end. I'm just a bit amazed with Ashley that she seems to have a problem with recognizing famous celebrities because she's not into those showbiz gossips a girl of her age would normally be interested in.

Moving Neutral by Katy Atlas

Not really about hollywood but about a guitarist of a famous band. Casey Snow and her best friend both love the famous band Moving Neutral and they were about to watch their upcoming concert. Then unfortunate things happened so Casey got grounded then she had to escape home just to watch the concert. They tried to get backstage but failed to do it so they went to a coffee shop and there surprisingly while paying, was the band guitarist Blake Parker behind Casey! So there they met, liked each other so Casey joined their band tour. Lot of things happened, involving paparazzi's and scandals and the "trust issue" problem came so there. It was a nice read and I loved the ending :) Though I'm not sure it's a good example for girls on Casey's age to do what she did, you know escaping home, not telling her parents where she were but I guess she learned a lot from it. She realized too that her family will always be there for her no matter what happens which is a really nice realization for a young adult.

Someone else's fairytale by E.M. Tippetts

I just finished reading this one earlier this evening. I thought this one would be the typical, easy-to-read type but it's not. The story is totally deeper which made me understand more the characters and I loved it. Though  I did feel bad with what the lead girl had to go through when she was a kid but hey, she's a total survivor. Anyway this book is about Chloe Winters who caught the eye of the one of the hottest actor Jason Vanderholt while she was one of the extras in his movie shoot due to her friend's insistence. So it turned out that Chloe and Jason know common people and they became friends. So yes there came a time Chloe turned him down  but she got true to herself in the climax of the story. As you read on, you will discover a lot about Chloe, her family, background and what she went through when she was young which will make you admire her I think. I found chloe's character really strong and independent. The depth of this story made this one different from all the books with the same hollywood romance theme.

So there it goes, hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post/book review. It got a bit long right? sorry about that :) but try to read these books, hope you will all enjoy reading them as I did >_<

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