KDrama review: The King 2 Hearts

My latest drama addiction is this one, King 2 hearts starring my favorite ha ji won and Lee seunggi. First let's start with the synopsis. 

Lee seunggi plays the role of Lee Jae Ha, who is the second son of  the royal family of South Korea. He's an easy go lucky type of guy who always likes to play around and he doesn't want to take any kind of responsibility. That's why he is quite happy that his older brother got crowned as the King after their father died. Ha ji won on the other hand plays as Kim Hang Ah, who is a military woman  trained in the special forces unit of North Korea. Her father also holds a very important position in the North thus making her from one of the influential families in North Korea. These two got to meet when they both had to participate in the WOC competition where the north and south korea will enter as one team. Hang Ah and Jae Ha didn't get along well at first as expected since they both have different personalities. Hang Ah is the responsible type while Jae Ha is the playful type. Due to certain circumstances, these two was then got engaged to each other in hope of bonding the ties between the North and South Korea. Eventually they fell in love and tried their best to protect and fight for that love and for their nation.

The first reason why I watched this drama was because of Ha ji won. I loved her so much in Secret Garden that I was so excited when I heard that she's going to be back with a new drama. I'm not a big fan of lee seunggi but I  find him charming though after this drama, I think I become a fan of him LOL. I am also very interested with the history of North and South Korea that's why I find the plot of this drama very appealing. Through this drama, it made me think that the Koreans are keeping hopes inside their hearts that one day, their nation will be united once again.

This drama is not just a typical love story for it also involves a bit of their history, current affairs and we got to realize the problems a nation most specifically its leaders have to face. The plot was interesting and every episode was perfectly written. At every end of each episode, it will always keep you wondering about what's going to happen next which will make you eager to see the next episode. For me this is how we can prove that a drama is well written, if it can make the viewers hooked and always anticipating the next event. Another thing is that king 2 hearts also got the perfect casts. The actors and actresses were like perfect for their roles. They were able to play their characters effectively which made me can't think of any other actor/actress that can also play those role in the same way they did. That's why I wasn't surprise when I found out that some of the people I know, who are not that fond of watching korean dramas, became hooked in watching king 2 hearts.

Let's go back to lee seung gi. I was surprised to know that he is a very good actor so now I understand why he have a lot of fans. But they said this drama so far is his best performance, he should get a best actor award for this seriously. He was able to show how a person who seem to doesn't have any sense of responsibility was able to evolve into a REAL KING and LEADER despite all the hardships he had to face.   Jae ha was the type of person who despite being playful, there was this hidden side of him that always comes out in times of in dire need. He's also the type of a leader who wouldn't give up and will continue to hold on that remaining thread of hope, no matter how long or short it is. That kind of character is very ideal for a person to become an effective leader and seunggi was able to portray it perfectly. Ha ji won on the other hand is good for me as always but I really like her character here more than her previous one in Secret  Garden. She was able to do some action scenes too which is her forte. Her character Hang ah is very admirable. She can also be a good leader, and a smart military woman. I admire her patience, trust and pure love for Jae Ha and the fact that she gives him strength when he desperately needs it. Yes, Hang Ah is like Jae Ha's prime source of strength and support and I love the fact that she knows exactly how to give it to him. They became like an ideal pair. 

Another pair that I also like in this drama is the princess Jae Shin and Eun shi kyung. They also complement each other which made me more believe that opposites do attract. Even though these two weren't that able to express properly their love for each other, since something holds them back but still I love their constant bickerings.  I also like the way shi kyung cares so much for jae shin. It was like he started to fall in love her when Jae Shin sang the song "First love" to him. Which I think tells us that he actually became her first love. They may have not ended up together in the end but the fact that he will always stay in her heart made me teared up again. Now whenever I hear Lee yoon ji's song first love, I always remember this wonderful couple, Jae Shin and Shi Kyung. Let's go to the high queen. I love the actress portraying her. She made me think that the royal family are the same like us too. They love their family so much and her, showing in the drama that she may be a queen, but she's a mother first and it's a priority for her too. Hang ah's father is very touching too. He let go of her daughter, allowing her to become a south korean even though it was really hard for him. He loves his daughter so much that he will do anything just to keep her safe and for her to follow and go where her heart is.

A lot of characters in this drama are also worth mentioning but I can't talk about them all hehe. All I can say is that this drama is really amazing. Perfect cast and an interesting plot, what more can you ask for right? This drama is worth-watching. You will definitely not regret watching all the 20 episodes of this drama. The King 2 hearts will make you cry, smile, laugh and will touch your heart all at the same time.

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