Birthday celebration at home

Last Sunday, June 24, 2012 was my 25th birthday. Yes, another year added to my age hehe. I guess now I can say that I'm really in my mid-twenties ;) We had a celebration at home last saturday instead because it was also my cousin Ate Kathleen's birthday that day. Several family members came like Tita Pia, Kuya Khris with Ate Hazel, his girlfriend. Ate Hazel even brought us a cake from Red Ribbon! She's really sweet and nice.

Tita Libreng and tita pia cooked macaroni in tomato sauce  while I together with my cousins went to Conti's Katipunan branch to buy a cake. Later on, more family members from Baguio city came since they also brought my cousin Karlo back here in Marikina. It was really fun! Spending a bit of time with my family on a special day is very meaningful. Now I'm looking forward to December :))

The birthday celebrants^^

Ate hazel and me

with kuya khris

Karlo is back!!

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