Lunch with some of my PSH IFC sisters

Yesterday (Friday) , I took a leave from work so that I can meet up with some of my PSH IFC sisters especially Jayne. For Jayne is here on a vacation but she will go back to Singapore this weekend. I've met these wonderful people on twitter and and I never thought that I will eventually become very close to them. That's because we have lot of things in common, specifically our love for Park Shin Hye, ANJELL, as well as for Korean dramas.

The four of us had lunch at Amici in Ayala Triangle. It was a really long lunch! We talked a lot and I just confirmed one thing, our talks will always be the same whether it's via on kakaotalk, twitter or in person LOL. We chatted about shin hye of course, yonghwa, cnblue, geun suk as well the newly concluded drama, King 2 hearts etc. We stayed there at the restaurant until 2 pm but Maize and Len have to go back to work so we all bid goodbyes while Jayne and I traveled back to Cubao. Jayne and I decided to hang out and chat some more in Gateway mall, Cubao. It was really fun!! we got lost track of time so we finished by already 6:30 pm hehe.

Hope we can do this again another time and hopefully, we can hang out longer on that next time :))

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