Recent feelings as a CNBLUE fan

I just really need to make this blog entry to express my feelings recently as a big fan of CNBLUE. I love these boys, they are the perfect band for me. Love their music and the fact they can make their own songs. But I feel and I think that most Boices (fans) feel that CNBLUE were more able to express their talent, feelings and passion through their Japanese albums.

In their Japanese albums, most of the songs were made by the band members or in some songs, they still have an input in creating them. That's why I felt that they were more contented with their Japan released albums. I don't want to hate their management but sometimes, I really get pissed off with them. Just like now.

The first time we heard that cnblue will have a comeback soon, boices are so happy! but we were worried since it seems like the Title track will be that made by the same composer of I'm a loner and Intuition, which were also the the title tracks from their two previous albums. I admit I love those two songs mentioned but still you can hear the big similarity to the tune of those songs. The cnblue members specifically Yonghwa and Jonghyun have proven their good songwriting and composing skills. So we do think that they deserve that the title track will be that of made by these two or either of them. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Before the release of the Ear Fun album, fnc announced that they will release first the song written and composed by Yonghwa entitled "Still in love". This song made a big fuss over the social networking sites mainly twitter and youtube. A lot of people waited for the midnight just to be the first to see the video of that song. The "Still in love" mv even got about 2 million views in just a span of less than a week! You can feel that Boices really supported this song big time for yonghwa made this song. You see most of the time, the artist's management will first release the Title track before the other songs. But they released Still in love first which I think is the management's move to appease the fans. I think they've heard about the fans wanting the title track to be a cnblue member/s composed song. But still, the title track Hey You was that made by that same composer anyway.

On the release of Ear fun album, the Boices proved once again their big support to Cnblue despite of all these things. They got into worldwide trending topic again on twitter. The album is also selling well based on the korean charts. Ear fun album even reached a total of 27,000 plus physical album sales in just 2 days, beating the album sales of other kpop artists who also made their comebacks recently. At the launch press party for Ear fun, I saw some videos and photos and I felt that yonghwa and the boys are not so happy on that event. Even Yonghwa admitted that his voice is not in its good condition and that he was not totally satisfied with their performance so he kept on practicing the night before.

Then I saw this tweet of Saturnkr re: translation of the sketchbook audio file. Quoting Saturnkr's english translation:

"I listened to Sketchbook audio file. Let me correct something.
Only Yonghwa was brought to the meat restaurant to have a man-to-man meeting with President Han.
At first when Yonghwa heard that the title song would be of the same composer, he felt panic. (He said 'PANIC')
He was angry at the president Han.
Pres. Han called him to the beef restaurant.
From their house, he showed strong attitude to his brothers saying, "I will surely accomplish what we want."
Minhyuk said, "After he said it, he walked away along the hall way, his back view looked so gorgeous and trustworthy. 
But some hours later, he walked back with his head down. And told us, 'Let's just do our best for this album.' His attitude was so different from when he went."
Jungshin said, "It was like the difference between when you get in the toilet and come out."
MC said, "What an elegant metaphor!"
Jonghyun suddenly flattered, "But at least our president tried to communicate with us. That was good."
Then Yonghwa said, "President! I love you!"

Audio file:

Reading that, made me think that Cnblue members do want the Title track to be different from the previous ones. They tried to communicate with their management and voiced out their opinion through their leader Yonghwa. I felt their disappointment about this matter and for that I am also affected for I love these boys so much. I'll do everything I can to support them. Despite all these, Cnblue seems to be really doing their best for this album. That's what you call TRUE PROFESSIONALISM. Hmm I just remembered something, the song "Try again smile again", it is yonghwa who wrote the lyrics right? There's a line there that says "I don't like same songs, and I don't like same sounds". This is what the members truly feel I think.

Quoting another translation by Saturnkr:

[Mar.26 Press conf]
Yonghwa said, "We kept CNBLUE's color till this album. But I have worried the direction of CNBLUE's music since last year. We will make a big change."
"After the promotion activity of this album, I will take a rest for 2,3 monthes and think about our future music."
"The expectation toward us is getting higher, we feel burdened more.
So we tried to go back to our original intension and tried to enjoy, just like we had loved music itself."

I think that regarding the talk between Yonghwa and Pres. Han of fnc, cnblue agreed to keep the same style for this album and that the next one, will be a different one following what the members want to show. I hope I'm right about this assumption. I thought of this because Yonghwa said that they will make a big change.

Overall, as a big fan of this korean band, I just want them to continue be happy with what they are doing. I can feel their big passion for music, and I hope that in the future, they will be given the opportunity to express more their talent, what they want and what they feel. Hoping for more music freedom for these boys for they truly deserve it.

This is just my opinion. hope everyone will understand.

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