Book review: Brighter than the Sun by Julia Quinn

Last December, I was looking for something to put on my wishlist for our office exchange gift. Since I really love reading books specifically "Romance novels", I decided to just put on 2 novels as my wishlist. I searched on the national bookstore website for titles and "Brighter than the sun" was one of the two that I chose. Sir Rene was the one who picked my name so he gave me this and another book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Honestly, this book is the first "Historical romance" genre novel that I've read. I always read those romantic novels with present settings. The story is kind of typical if you will based it on the book's teaser but I decided to give it a try. This book surprised me! I really enjoyed reading this one and now I discovered another great author ~Julia Quinn.

I love the lead characters in the novel. You can feel their attraction to each other even during the first time they met. Ellie is kind of portrayed as a strong woman here while Charles is kind of conceited but not annoying and he can be charming at times too. Love how his attraction to Ellie developed into something deeper and later on, he can't help but show his genuine concern to Ellie. The plot is kind of typical yes but the story flow was interesting and lines were so witty and fun to read. The way Julia Quinn wrote it made this novel unique. Try to read this and I guarantee that you will enjoy the lines or interactions between the two leads. 

This book is a must read for "romance novel" lovers like me. Give this book a chance and you won't regret I promise! You will really fall in love with the story :) If I get the time, I would definitely read this one again. This book also led me to the Bridgerton series which I'll try to tackle about in my future blog entries. Oh to those wondering about the title, you will find out why it is titled "Brighter than the sun" when you get to read it. 

I'll give this book a 9 out of 10 rating ^_^

Below is the novel's teaser:

Charles Wycombe, the dashing--if incorrigible-- Earl of Billington, needs a bride before his upcoming thirtieth birthday if he hopes to earn his inheritance. The vicar's vivacious, determined daughter, Miss Eleanor Lyndon, needs a new home, since her father's insufferable fiancee is making her old one intolerable. Destiny has brought Charles and Ellie together--though their match at the outset appears to have been made somewhere rather hotter than heaven.

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