Our Macau-Zhuhai China tour (way back 2008)

February 2008, my college blockmates in UST and I had our out-of-the-country tour. We went to Macau and Zhuhai in Mainland China. I still remember the days we were there for we had so much fun. When we went there, I think that was still winter that's why it was so cold. All of us were rushing to get inside of our tour bus because it was freezing cold outside. 

The truth is I didn't get to enjoy the food in China...Their food is not really up to my taste so when we went back to Macau and ate at hotel buffets, that's when I ate my fill lol. Another memorable thing happened, my bestfriend and I got lost in Zhuhai hehe. It is really hard to get lost in a foreign country where people do not speak english at all. We tried to ask a police officer but he can't understand us. The thing is I understand him a bit, he was asking us to speak in Mandarin but I was too much in a panic mode that I wasn't able to use my bit of mandarin skills hehe. Lucky, my friend and I were able to find our way back to the hotel. 

You can go shopping in Zhuhai, China. Lots of stores there and I love their underground shopping mall! Macau is pretty especially at night. We went to some hotels and casinos as well as museums. At MGM grand casino, I won about 200 Hongkong dollars when I tried the slot machines hehe. I invested only 20 hongkong dollars so it was a big win for me :) I love the buffet at Star hotel especially their Vanilla with pepper ice cream! that was so good! Another part of Macau is the Coloane Island, where the last scenes of the Korean drama  Princess hours were shot. We ate the original Lord Stow's egg tart which is more delicious compared to the ones sold in the local branches here. 

Nonetheless, I miss Macau and Zhuhai. Hope I can visit there again with my friends. Hmmm maybe If go to Hong kong next year, I might be able to go back to Macau. Hope that will push through ^_^

Arriving at Macau international airport

buffet lunch at Holiday Inn Macau

Before riding the bus

Crossed the border from Macau to Zhuhai, China

Pearl Lady statue at the back

Cable car ride

Peking duck dinner

St. Paul ruins

at the Macau Tower

Chinese temple

At Leal Senado


at Venetian Hotel

Outside Wynn hotel

Church in Coloane Island

Fisherman's wharf

After dinner

Going back to Manila

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