Office Christmas Party 2011

Good news! My Boss got confirmed by the Commission on Appointments last Dec 14, 2011. So this celebration was kind of a 2 in 1 party (confirmation celebration and Christmas party). Early in the morning, we were a bit busy setting up our office, preparing the buffet table, setting up the videoke machine and stuffs. We ordered our food from North Park. The food is so Masisseoyo! 

We started the party at about lunch time. Sir CG was the MC and Moneth lead the prayer before eating. After that, we played the famous game "Pinoy Henyo" :) then proceeded with the raffle afterwards. Yes, my boss planned to raffle appliances for all of us. Each of us will surely get one but its just a matter of luck on what you will be able to get. As for me, I won an electric barbecue grill^^ 

After the raffle, we went on the revelation and exchanging of gifts. My guess was right! It was Sir Rene who picked my name and he gave me the 2 books I wrote on my wishlist. I received so many presents that day from my office mates. We sang a lot of songs and later on, Comelec chairman came to party with us. He also invited other Commissioners, Lawyers and Directors. We had so much fun. This is really the best Christmas party I've experienced so far. Hope next year it will be more fun >_<

Moneth and Me
Nass and Me
Frosted windows^^
Gifts I received
with Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes

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