1st Team building at Acuatico Beach Resort

We had our first team building at Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. Dec. 22, 2011, Meet up was at 7 am then we left the office about 30 minutes after. We had a stop over at a gasoline station in SLEX to meet up with Sir CG and our Boss then the 3 vehicles on convoy all the way until the resort. It was a long land travel, about 3-4 hours including the stop over. 

We arrived at Acuatico at about 11:00 am and we got mesmerized by the place right away. The resort is so beautiful not only on pictures but also in actual. We couldn't stop taking pictures because of that lol. We had a delicious lunch then checked in on our rooms. Moneth was my room mate :)) We rested for an hour and a half to let the heat outside lessen then went out at about past 3 pm. We decided to swim at the pool when it wasn't so hot anymore. 

After dinner, we had another raffle courtesy of Comm Lim (Boss) again :) I got a convection oven this time! Chatted with each other for awhile then when Moneth and I got sleepy, we bid our office mates good night then proceeded on our room. The next morning after breakfast, we swam again lol just can't resist the pretty pools. Check out on Dec 23 was at 11:00 am. But before leaving the resort, we took group pictures with our Boss! The travel back to Manila from Batangas became longer because we got caught up on traffic.

But I enjoyed this team building so much! I really love my office mates and my Boss for they are so fun to be with. Hope we will always stay this way. >_<

Us with Boss

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