Reasons why you would love to have a boyfriend like Lee Shin of Heartstrings part 3

27. When you’re afraid to go home and face your grandfather, he’ll go home with you to help you explain 

28. When all the girls go ghost hunting, he’s so worried about you and decided to look for you since he knows u are scared easily 

29. He scolds you for being alone & being separated from the group, his punishment? a kiss on your cheek *aww*

30. He threw away the necklace he intended to give to another girl before, in front of you & give u a back hug 

31. You’re so sad, he suggested to ride a rollercoaster..why? So that u can cry w/o minding other people seeing u 

32. He gives out his salary from his part time job to help fund the musical that u have come to love

33. When you’re so tired from dance practice, he’ll give you a leg massage *aww*

34. You can’t sleep? He’ll a sing a song for you on the phone to help you fall asleep 

35. When he is jealous, he admits it directly and tells you not to smile cutely at other guys 

36. He tells you that the one and only special girl for him is you 

37. He let’s you fall asleep on his shoulders when you’re drunk 

38. Gives you a piggy back ride home since you were so drunk and he even laid u down on your bed

39. He stops you from performing because he knows that your waist is hurting 

40. He pats your back when you have an upset stomach 

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