Reasons why you would love to have a boyfriend like Lee Shin of Heartstrings part 2

13. When u accidentally bumped your head on an artwork wall, he’ll immediately ask “are you ok?”

14. He scolds his little sister (w/o you knowing) whenever she says something bad about you

15. He doesn’t like it when there are bad rumors about you..he doesn’t like you to get hurt bec. of them 

16. He can be a bit controlling at times, it is because he worries about you so much

17. He tells you “don’t get injured, I will worry” *awww* 

18. Rumors abt u having a rel. with another guy circulated, but he didn’t believe them right away bec. he trusts u 

19. He’ll try his best to keep you out of school so that you won’t get hurt by the rumors

20. Out on a date, you said that you should have brought your sunglasses so he immediately bought you a pair

21. When you are hurt and sad..he won’t leave you until he gets to see you laugh 

22. He doesn’t like couple pairing stuffs but eventually buys a teddy bear cellphone accessory same as yours

23. When his little sister saw the cute bear cellphone accessory, he didn’t give it to her when she asked for it 

24. He knows when you are okay or just pretending to be okay 

25. You are crying & he can’t find you so he decided to sing a song via the school’s broadcast system to comfort you 

26. When he finally finds u, you thanked him for the song, then he gives you a hug & says “don’t cry when I’m not around”

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