Reasons why you would love to have a boyfriend like Lee Shin of Heartstrings

1. He likes to hold your hand all the time

2. He decided to leave his bike at home and ride the bus with you since you just recovered from an accident

3. He’s so worried whenever you get injured *awww*

4. He waits for you in front of your house every morning so that both of you can go to school together

5. He placed a cute frog cushion on his bike so that you can ride comfortably

6.  He held your hand for the 1st time in the school corridors as if telling everyone that “we are now together”

7. When you’re scared girls will come and pull your hair then he’ll tell you “I’m here, don’t worry”

8. His way of saying sorry? He’ll ask you go to his band’s gig then he’ll play and sing a song for you then give u a suprise kiss 

9. He’ll give you a sweet kiss on your forehead after he walked you home while telling you to sleep well

10. When you’re so nervous before a performance, he’ll try his best to calm you down 

11. Then you can see him at the side, smiling proudly while watching you rock the stage 

12. When the 2 of you eats out on a date, he hands you a pair of utensils first before getting his

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