Pepero Day!

Every November 11 of a year, people in South Korea celebrates what they call "Pepero Day". This day is kind of like a valentine's day for them. They give out pepero sticks to each other, not only to their boyfriends/girlfriends, but also to their friends, family, classmates and teachers.

What is Pepero? Pepero is actually a biscuit stick covered with chocolate from the popular company Lotte. For my fellow Kababayans here in the Philippines, we are more familiar with Pocky which is from a Japanese brand Glico. They celebrate 11.11 as Pepero day because it kind of resembles the biscuit stick.

The truth is, I only became aware of this commercial holiday just now. Thanks to Park Shin hye, my favorite Korean actress :D  She's currently the endorser for pepero so that's how I found out. The day before 11.11 of this year, I searched for pepero here in the Philippines and fortunately someone told me where to find one. I was so happy I was able to eat it last friday (Pepero Day) with my officemates ^_^

Shin hye holding some pepero chocolate with almonds 

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