My new love: Samsung galaxy s wifi 5

So I haven't updated this blog for awhile. For starters, I got a job now in Comelec and I've been here for almost 6 months now. I was able to save some money and went to buy this one as replacement for my 3 year old iPod nano 3rd gen. Before I was actually considering getting an ipod touch or the samsung 7 inches tablet but I came across this one.

This gadget is like a cross between an ipod touch and a tablet hence they call it a "Mini tab". What I really love the most about this mini tab is the screen size which is 5 inches. Bigger than an ipod touch but smaller than most of the tablets in the market today. With it's 5 inches screen size, I can read ebooks (mostly pdfs) comfortably as well as for watching videos. I also like the sound alive technology which Samsung included in this gadget. It has an android OS so I was able to download lots of apps including some games. You can also insert an external memory card up to 32 gb for more storage. That means lots of songs, videos, books, games and movies for you :D

So far, I use my samsung minitab for a bit of playing games, reading ebooks, listening to songs, and as well as for listening to korean language mp3 lessons. I can say that the money I spent on this one is really worth it! Honestly, what I really wanted was the Samsung galaxy s II phone but it's really expensive so when I saw this one, I decided to buy it since it's almost the same with the phone version but with a lower screen resolution and camera megapixel. But still, I don't regret choosing this one. ^_^

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