How fate led me here...

I never imagined myself working for the government even after I saw how hard my older cousin was trying to pass the civil service examination. I can say that I am quite lucky that I don't have to take that exam since I'm exempted according to the law. I also have aunts working in the government too, one in commission on audit and  another in PhilHealth. Still, they weren't able to persuade me to try to apply in any government institutions. Not until this one opportunity came.

Last May 2010 elections, I had a part time job and worked under the Aquino-Roxas Bantay Balota. A good friend of mine was the one who invited me to that job. But after the elections, yes I became unemployed again. I just stayed at home sending applications to different companies, waiting for interview invitations.

Sometime last May of this year 2011, one of the Attorneys working under ARBB last year was appointed by the President as a Comelec commissioner. A friend told me about the job opening as Commissioner's staff so a few days before the Holy week, I went to Palacio Del Gobernor building to pass my resume. I was anxiously waiting for any update after the holy week so when I got the call for an interview schedule, I was so happy. Fortunately I got accepted :D

Palacio Del Gobernador is located in Intramuros and really far from my home in Marikina. The travel to and from the office is really tiring but I got used to it eventually. After all, I also studied in UST during my college days. So far, I like working here. The working environment is good, not always stressful and also my office mates are fun to be with since our Boss preferred to hire younger people. I couldn't blame him for he is young himself compared to the other Commissioners. My work is kind of monotonous, typical admin works but still I'm learning new things. I am now getting more interested on how our government works, the laws implemented in our country since we are working with lots of lawyers and I am also getting to know the election process here in the Philippines. Well since my boss is not yet confirmed by the Commission on appointments, I am not sure until when I will be able to continue working here. So now I'm hoping and praying really hard that my boss will be confirmed. He really deserves this position and I know that he can do a lot of great things for comelec. I can say that I have a nice and great boss :)

I don't know what's in store for me so I'll just let fate do his job. But that doesn't stop me from hoping that whatever it may be, it's for the betterment of my life. And also that sometime in the near future, I will find the path that I'm really destined to take.

That's our building and it was the Governor General's house during the Spanish times

The Manila Cathedral just in front of our building 

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