Heartstrings/You've fallen for me drama review

I'll start with the main characters first. Lee kyu won (Park Shin Hye) is a bright and cheerful girl who's a gayageum major in the University. She also lives with her grandfather who happens to be a famous traditional music artist. Hence, she took up Gayageum as her course because that's what her grandfather wants her to take. Kyu won's father doesn't live with them because he's not in good terms with grandfather. Despite that, kyu won remained close to her father for they always keep in contact with each other without grandfather knowing. Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) on the other hand is a handsome but a bit aloof kind of guy.  He's a guitar major in the same university, also famous and the vocalist of the band "Stupid". He hates it when girls always confess their love to him. He lives with her mother and her sister.

Heartstrings is the second drama in which Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa worked together. The first one was the international hit "You're beautiful". But Yonghwa was just the second lead guy so shin hye of course ended up Jang geun suk's character in YB. Almost more than a year after YB ended, the news came out that shin hye and yonghwa will be on a new drama which is this one. I remembered I was so happy when I first heard the news and that I couldn't wait to watch the drama.

As for me, it's so obvious in this blog that I really love heartstrings. The onscreen chemistry of shin hye and yonghwa is so amazing that I couldn't help loving the two of them together. Shin hye's acting is awesome as usual. My favorite part was when she first realized her true feelings for lee shin (yonghwa) in the drama, she looked for him wanting to comfort him since his father died. But then she saw him in another woman's embrace, the first realization of her feelings and at the same time her first heartbreak was really shown on her face. Shin hye nailed that part with her brilliant acting that I loved her even more. As for Yonghwa, we all know that he's still a bit new in acting, this is only his 2nd drama and he trained as a singer/guitarist not as an actor. I didn't expect that much from him but I think he played Lee Shin's character not perfect but good. He definitely improved his acting skills compared in You're beautiful. But when he played the sweet loving boyfriend to Kyu Won, I couldn't help but wish that I have him as the Lee Shin of my life too lol.

Another thing I love about this drama is that Park Shin hye was able to showcase again her singing skills! I really love her voice, unique and unusual. Yong hwa the awesome singer as always but I saw more of his music skills here in this drama. He's actually good in guitar, he can really play lead guitar too! In Cnblue, he doesn't because he's the main vocalist so that will be a bit hard for him. I love his composition for this drama OST as well. His voice? No need to ask me for I've always been a fan of his singing voice hehe. By the way, the drummer of Cnblue, Minhyuk was also in this drama too. He's so adorable and cute here in Heartstrings. I liked him more because of this drama.

A lot of people are kind of disappointed with this drama, more specifically with the story line but I'm not. I'm not saying that the story line is the best but the casts, songs and the amazing onscreen chemistry of the 2 leads made me love this drama. I got addicted to it. I watched it a lot of times but didn't get bored because of Lee Shin and Kyu won's sweetness. Just can't get enough of them! I even had withdrawal symptoms when the drama ended. Just like what I experienced after watching You're beautiful before as well as Secret Garden.

The OST of this drama is so good too. I really love the songs specifically Park Shin Hye's "The day we fall in love"; Jung yong hwa's "Because I miss you" (I prefer the band version"; Kang Minhyuk's "Star" and also Msignal's "Give me a smile". They didn't include lee shin's comfort song and shin hye/yonghwa/hyunjin's version of give me a smile. How I wish they did :(

This drama is worth watching for me. I'll definitely recommend it any day. I understand if some people didn't like this drama, well we all have different preferences. But still, I'm happy for it seems that a lot of people got captured by this drama's sweetness :) Give it a chance guys, go watch it!!!

Below are some videos I found on youtube ~ check them out!

End song of the musical performance

Lee Shin's comfort song for kyu won

kyu won singing cnblue's I will forget you as audition piece

Lee shin singing Jason Mraz's Lucky

Kyu won singing "The day we fall in love"

Lee shin singing "Because I miss you" 

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