Secret Garden Ha JiWon, An Actor is someone who Learns

by Lee SooYeon

I went to the public bath late during the day on a weekend and I saw a variety of things. People were finished bathing and all dressed but weren't going home and crowding around the TV. I was wondering what they were watching, and it was Secret Garden. Even after the episode ended, people were saying, "we have to see the preview for next episode..."
That day, I realized how popular Secret Garden was. Ever since it started, Secret Garden is the craze. People are wondering not only the story but the clothes, mistakes, and spoilers, and ending. The stars of Secret Garden are always in the news too. One of them, who plays the female lead is Ha JiWon. I got to hear about what kind of person she was from her acquaintances.
Everyone knows that Ha Ji Won is good at acting. When watching her act, it seems like you are watching the actual character and not an actor. I personally think she is the prettiest when she does "crying acting."
She admitted that she used to use eye drops when doing crying scenes. I don't think anyone does that any more. Anyways, she has many types of "crying acting": sobbing, dropping tear by tear, weeping, having eyes filled with tears, etc. I don't think there is any other actress that can cry as sadly and as beautifully as Ha JiWon does. That is because she is so absorbed into her character.
The actor who acts like she is not acting. She may have many criteria for choosing her projects, but there is one special point. She always chooses a role in which she can learn something.
In "DaMo" she learned martial arts, in "Hwang JinYi" she learned Korean traditional dance, in "Miracle on 1st Street" she learned boxing and even broke her nose, in "Babo" she learned piano and became an outstanding pianist, in "HaeUnDae" she learned the BuSan dialect by listening through earphones for months. This time, in Secret Garden, Ha JiWon learned how to do stunts. She only performs acts that require hard work to complete. This is the difference between Ha JiWon and other actresses that are pretty and good at acting.
She has been acting for 15 years but still she tries hard like a new actor. Maybe that is how she keeps the image of "the actress who is good at acting, Ha JiWon". By asking her acquaintances, I learned that she is not very much different than when she was a new actress.
This may be trivial, but what left the biggest impression on me is when she goes out to eat with a lot of people. She is an actress who is always supposed to receive special attention but she is always roasting the meat and kimchi. I've never seen any other actress take the lead and cut meat for everyone else. Anyways, even though she has become a famous actress she is still easy going and simple. That is probably why she is always complimented.
When asked why she always took the hard road, she gave the best possible answer.
"Isn't an actor someone who learns?" (In Korean "baewoo" means actor and "baewooda" means to learn)
She's right. Because she believes an actor is someone who learns, viewers can watch her dramas and movies trustingly.
Even though she wears training clothes and a short hair cut instead of flashy clothes, she is always working hard and lovely.

credits: soompi forum Ha ji won's thread

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  1. HA JI WOn is really cool and the best,eventhough she encounters different phase in her acting life she continues to persuade others to do their best eventhough its hard,i salute her,