It's 2011 :D

Happy New year everyone!

It's already 2011 and I heard that on february (Chinese new year) will be the start of the year of the rabbit. Yes, my year of birth falls under the Rabbit so I'm really hoping that I'll be lucky this year. I decided not to make a New Year's resolution list this year. I'll just "go with the flow" but still, I'll be exerting efforts of course. I want to make my life better this year and that's my main goal now. Better in terms of career, social life, love life lol, and family relationships. Another goal of mine is to "lose weight" because I badly need it right now hehe.

2010 wasn't so good to me so I'm keeping my hopes up for 2011. This past year, I've been sick a lot. I had chickenpox last January 2010 and I was also diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux by the end of february. I was really stressed out that time worrying about my health. That's why this year, I want to be healthy and I'll try my best to be. Well I've also had happy times this past year. I was able to work with my friend Nassy during the elections for the Aquino-Roxas Bantay Balota (ARBB). I met a lot of wonderful people and I gained new friends and lots of new experiences.

With my arbb work mates

At the ARBB office

Last October, My aunt Tita Sion went back here in the Philippines for a vacation so my relatives from Davao City also flew here in Marikina and we had a family reunion. A few family members were missing (those who were abroad) but still, we had so much fun. We went out and took a lot of pictures for memories. It was a very nice family bonding and it was one of my memorable experiences this 2010.

Another happy thing that happened would be Ite Yzel's christmas vacation here. We haven't seen her for like 2 years since the day she left for Singapore. She's stable there now, she loves her work and I'm so happy for her. She went back to Singapore today and I'm missing her right away. 2 weeks   just seems so fast. Well, she told me that she'll try to go home this June or on this coming Christmas of 2011 so I have something to look forward to. I kept on hugging her before she left :( and now she's already in Singapore and I'm chatting with her while making this blog entry lol.

Before the end of 2010, our family also received a very bad news. I'll write about it in a separate entry. For now, I'm gonna end this one.




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