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Ha Ji Won (33) is as cool as ever. When the drama "Secret Garden" ended, we expected her to rest but she is just like "Gil Ra Im."

As Hyun Bin (Kim Ju Won) once said in the drama, "When you look down you look elegant, when you raise you head you look even more elegant." as Ha Ji Won greets him with her shining black eyes.

Just like the stuntwoman "Gil Ra Im," Ha Ji Won is very brave, and she believes that she needs to finish everything that she had started. Therefore, when the drama was finished, we expected her to rest mindlessly. but there were so many interviews for her, and now she is trying to meet with every interviewers. HJW isn't ready to send "Gil Ra Im" away just yet because she felt that she was truly happy for the last 4 months when she acted even though there were hard moments. She is very happy the most on how she managed to bring people into a fantasy world. Now, we will start our exciting interview. (This interview is the 1st part, there's a 2nd part to it.)

- Why did you have yourself looking so tense and had your mouth closed when you were kissing Hyun Bin in the last episode?

"Puhahahahaha, because of that the fans went crazy about it. I thought I did a good job but my fans asked me and said 'Unnie, you are so shy with the kiss scenes', 'You should try harder', 'We need to get you a boyfriend.' So I watched that scene again and finally noticed, if I had another chances, I could do much better."

- Do you agree that the kiss scene was insufficient?

"No, because Gil Ra Im is hesitant towards love, therefore those are the result of the kiss scenes. kkalkkalkkalkkal (type of laugh she did)"

- In the drama when Hyun Bin said, "Why would I throw my life away for a girl with such short legs." How did you feel?

"I have long legs. Many of my friends have sent letter to the director stating that 'Ji Won unnie has long legs.' It reminds me of the scene where Oska said, 'If I were to describe Gil Ra Im: her arms and legs are pretty long and her waist is very thin.' Hmmm, now that I think about it, it seems like our director do have complaints about my body!"

- When compared to Kim Tae Hee and Jun Do Yun...

"The script writer wrote it like that... what can I do."

- So the conclusion was "You amazing woman"
"Haha. Yup. If I were to hear that from a man I truly love, it will be the greatest. I just love that line."

- In "Secret Garden" when Hyun Bin said, "The stuff that happened in Bali - Jo In Sung", "Hwang Jin Yi - Jang Geun Suk" etc. These male actors sure have a lot of luck.

"I'm jealous, all the guys are so similar. Especially me, 'In my past life, did I save a country? Why am I so lucky because there are so many good looking guys.' But that is not true or is it, because all the guys that I acted with are even more good looking?"

- Even when lonely and isolated in the drama, you had the role like candy because the character never crys.

"I've been depressed about that. When I play Hwang Jin Yi, it was beautiful but nobody remembers that. The audiences perfer me going through the path of hardship and sufferings. Hmmmm, next time I should be a character that only wears brand named clothes and acts only pretty."

- It must have been hard to act as Gil Ra Im. The acting must have been hard on its own, but you just had to be a stuntwoman.

"Every week, I had an infusion. Lately, I couldn't sleep and couldn't think straight. I ate medicine that would help me concentrate and perform well."

- It must have been hard, but you looked strong in the drama.

"A stuntwoman can't be weak. I hypnotized myself by saying, 'I am a strong and energetic action star.' There is no time for my body to be hurting. This is how I hypnotized myself endlessly."

- There were a lot of action scenes when you were filming in "Damo."
"It was different because in that drama, it was my first time performiing those kinds of scenes. This time however, I already knew some of the basics. I learned fast. So I did all the wire scenes by myself 100%."

- When performing with Hyun Bin...

"Our rhythm matched. It was really comfortable and fun. He said he is a shy person but truthfully, he talk so much. Hahahahaha especially when our soul was switched."

- Hmmm, was the switch scenes uncomfortable?

"It was because of the concept of soul switching that I did the drama. I just love the fantasy genre. Everyone tried to stop me when I decided to take up the fantasy drama but the conclusion was good so I liked it. Not all girls dream about fantasy tho. Hearing that ajummas in their 50s got excited from this drama really made me happy."

- If you had the choice between Kim Ju Won and Oska...

"If I say I like them both, would that be too boring of an answer? Oska is somebody that gives me the energy whenever I feel down, even if I'm happy, he will make me even happier. Kim Ju Won is a pretty cool guy. After 20 episodes, I realized that he is a guy that will love his girl even more after they get married. He even carried his wife who already had 3 kids, nobody does such thing like that after long into their marriage!"

- If you were to actually have 3 kids...

"I like kids, but 3 is a bit too much. I remember in an old TV interview that I've said I wanted to have 5 kids but that was when I was immature. Perhaps 2 kids?"

- Your signs of weakness.

"After a day of filming, my shoulder hurts a lot. At first, I didn't know why my shoulders were in pain, as I was eating breakfast with my mom, she asked me, 'You played around with your friends so much, wouldn't your arms be hurting?' It hurted even more after I filmed the action scenes."

- Your plans for the future.

"After filming movie 'Sector 7,' I began filming 'Secret Garden' the next day. For more than half a year, I couldn't take a day to rest. I think first I will go play with my parents. I've been in the cold for so long so I want to go somewhere warm this time. Should I go to Bali?"

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