Can I be a good telemarketer?

Yesterday, I had another interview with Summit media. I was surprised since I wasn't expecting for them to call again at all. That's because I had my first interview with them about more than a month ago so I wasn't really keeping my hopes up in getting in. At their office, I was told that the vacant position for subscription coordinator which is like more on back office work is only for 3 months. Yes, it is a reliever position. The other position which is probationary already is for the subscriptions telemarketer. You will call people and entice them to subscribe to the company's magazines. It may seem like an easy job for me but the thing is there's a quota. I would have to make at least 6 paid subscriptions in a day for a total of 120 in 20 days.

We had a sort of test where in I called the interviewer and asked for the renewal of his magazine subscription. It went well and he said that I was good. But the thing is I'm not sure if I'm the type who can be considered good in sales talk. I'm really worried about the monthly quota for if I wouldn't be able to attain it in three consecutive months, I'll be terminated. Yeah, that seems to be the hard part in being a telemarketer. So now, I've been thinking a lot if I'll give a go for that job if I ever get accepted. Hmm I think I'll still try my luck in my other applications. Wish me luck my readers and I would definitely appreciate if you'll include me in your prayers. Thanks guy :)

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