Just the sexiest man alive by Julie James

I just love this book. The story kind of reminds me of Julia Robert’s movie “Notting hill” though in this novel, it’s the guy who is the famous one.

It’s about a lawyer named Taylor Donovan who’s really good at her job. Her typical world turned upside down when she was asked by her boss to help the famous hollywood actor, Jason Andrews. In his next movie, he’ll be portraying a lawyer that’s why he needed help on how he can act almost like a real one. But it all started on the wrong foot. Jason blew off their scheduled meeting twice and that’s why Taylor was so pissed off with him. Being a lawyer, she doesn’t care whether he’s a famous actor or the fact that people called him “the sexiest man alive”. 

Jason became so intrigued with her condescending attitude to him that he keeps on coming onto her. Eventually they got along but Jason had a hard time getting Taylor to open up her feelings for him. Even though they already finished their lawyer-ish lessons, Jason keeps on contacting Taylor and he also asked a favor from a fellow actress to make her jealous. But it turned out the other way since Jason’s rival in showbiz, Scott, found out that Taylor is Jason’s mystery girl so he asked her for a date. Jason got jealous of course when he found out. Later on, Taylor had a minor car accident where in she first called Scott but he kind of blew her off saying that he can’t go since he’s currently filming. Then surprisingly, Jason appeared at the hospital and assured the doctor that he’ll keep watch of her. Taylor was touched when she found out that Jason just left filming as soon as he heard that Taylor was in the hospital. And as the rest goes, they did fell in love. They kind of get into an argument after confessing each other’s feelings since Taylor was offered a partnership but she have to be based in Chicago. In the end, Taylor decided to give up the offer to stay with Jason when she realized that he’s really worth it.

I really like the part when Taylor’s friends from Chicago visited her then Jason just almost barged in at Taylor’s home demanding where she’d been and why she’s not picking his calls. I can just imagine the shocked faces of her friends LOL. If that was me I’ll be so surprised too. Also the ending was so good for it seems that Taylor got to accept his life being always in the limelight. 

This is definitely a good read so if you’re looking for a nice romantic novel, pick this one please :) 

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