Hebe of S.H.E also have GERD


Keyword: Iron Stomach
Female Lead: Hebe 

Iron-stomach woman - Madam XiBi’s confession after over-indulgence in food and drinks.

“Who doesn’t like to binge on good stuff? I am no exception of course. Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body and live up to a hundred years? I would want that of course. But these are 2 conflicting issues! Self-proclaimed as one with an ‘iron-stomach’, regardless cold or raw, I want all my food to be spicy! My stomach can take soup directly from the Ma-La Spicy hotpot, but with a lack of care, I actually contracted Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) (based on online translator). The gastric juices caused my stomach no longer able to take in spicy stuff and even resulted in me no longer being able to drink anything with caffeine. Wah! This is just ‘fantastic’! I, being a caffeine-fanatic, suddenly find that life has almost lost its meaning for me!”

Source: Singapore i-Weekly Magazine Issue 613

Credit for Scans: aiqi @ FE and Baidu Ella


Wow. Didn’t know that hebe of S.H.E also have GERD. Yeah I have GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) too. I was diagnosed last february of this year when I started becoming so acidic and I’ve been experiencing heartburns especially at night. First, I noticed something was wrong when I felt some kind of pain on my chest which turned out to be heartburn. There was also a time when I wasn’t able to fall asleep because I felt so hungry even after eating biscuits and stuff. I had to take antacids after meals the next day. My breathing pattern also changed and I became so stressed worrying about my health. If hebe got eat it because of eating too much spicy food, maybe I got it from there too. I remember that before I got GERD, I became so obsessed with Lucky me Jjampong. I loved the taste and it’s spiciness. 

My gastroenterologist told me to take omeprazole for 2 weeks. I’ve been okay and I haven’t seen her since. Haha stubborn me.  So now, I do not drink any soda or carbonated drinks and anything with caffeine. But I can’t give up chocolates lol and I do drink iced tea but rarely now. I also refrain myself from eating spicy foods, citrus fruits and also from taking mefenamic acid. Whenever I feel any pain, I just take paracetamol haha poor me :(

So guys, always take care of your stomach. :D

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