Harry Potter and the deathly hallows movie part 1

I watched HP 7 movie last sunday with my cousin Ate Kath and her friend. The movie is so good and it did reach my expectations. I really enjoyed watching the movie. The acting was great too specifically Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Emma really improved in this one compared to the previous HP movies.

In the movie, they included the scene where Hermione charmed her parents so that they will forget her existence in their lives. It was a nice idea to show that but I was expecting that they'll show more of harry's parting with the Dursley's and Dudley showing his concern for his cousin. I love how they showed the 7 Potters but they used Hedwig as the give away on how the death eaters found out who the real harry is, instead of the disarming spell that he always uses. I also just noticed that the actress playing Fleur delacour is also the girl who portrayed Eva in the season 4 of Gossip girl.  The wedding scene of Bill and Fleur was short and also I didn't see Viktor Krum there. Harry also came to the wedding as himself instead of using polyjuice potion as a disguise which was written in the book.

I really love the charmed beaded bag of Hermione! How I wish it's possible to have one like that in real life lol. By the way, is it weird that I find Dobby cute? I was surprised when he showed up with Kreacher when they brought Mundungus to Harry as per his orders. Maybe they wanted to establish Dobby more since he'll be dying in the end. Dobby was so adorable when he kept on talking and not giving kreacher the chance to talk. Also when he saw Ron, he randomly just shook ron's had while cutely saying "Oh Mr. Weasly".

The scene where Harry, ron and hermione went to the Ministry of Magic was nice. The way on how the witches and wizards enter the Ministry was kind of disgusting but funny. Yeah, they have to flush their selves in through the toilet haha. The sudden kiss of Mrs. Cattermole to Ron (he was in disguise as her husband thru polyjuice potion) was so epic. A lot of people inside the cinema laughed at that scene. Also the scene when Ron already left and harry saw how sad Hermione is that he just randomly danced with her was so funny. And yes, that wasn't included in the book so I think the director just added that scene. I also love Ron's scene when he went back to them and he was talking about the "Ball of light thing in his heart" haha. He also kept on agreeing to whatever Hermione says to appease her anger with him. Ooops may I just add that Bathilda Bagshot was so scary and I kind of screamed in surprise because of the snake (even though I was already expecting that lol).

The way the tale of the three brothers was presented in the movie is so nice. I really love that part. Emma's acting as hermione in the scene where she was being tortured by Bellatrix was so good and convincing. Her screams made me feel as if I was also in pain. I was kind of expecting that they will end the movie where Dobby died and Voldemort taking the Elder wand from Dumbledore's tomb. I think that's why I didn't feel as if the movie was cut short. I'm really excited now to watch the next part though it is kind of sad too since that will be the last movie. I'm gonna miss Harry potter :(

Here are some picture scenes from the movie:

the seven potters

the wedding scene

Dumbledore's last will scene

Kreacher and dobby taking Mundugus to Harry

Dobby coming to save Harry and his friends

their escape

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