Giselle is back!!

Guess what? My college best friend Giselle is back from Qatar. Well, she got back at about the end of October but I was busy since my relatives were here for our family reunion. She called me last night and I was so surprised that I didn't recognize her voice right away. She's not coming back to qatar she said and we talked for more than an hour. But there are still so many things to catch up on. I hope she'll visit our house again and maybe have a sleepover. Tita Evie would definitely love to have her here. Yes, they are close since Giselle and I were also room mates during our college days. Close friends, classmates and room mates, that's how close we were. :)

I had so much fun talking to her. We mostly talked about our former classmates and any news about them. She's still single like me haha so typical of us. I really missed her craziness and yes, she still has it. I hope we'll be able to meet in person soon.


Our last pictures together before she left the country last 2008.

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